Texas Tech University


The TTU University Student Housing Recycling Center is closed until further notice.

Please consider recycling with the City of Lubbock!

At this time we are unable to predict when that will be. University Student Housing appreciates your loyalty to our program but hopes that you would focus on diverting materials from area landfills in the manner available at the moment.

The City of Lubbock provides 10 drop off locations throughout town for recyclables. Be sure to make note that only 4 of those locations accept cardboard due to the large area the cardboard collection containers require. Please review the instructions for preparing your items for recycling provided on the City of Lubbock's website. This information is very important! Our operation evolved as a system that hand sorts materials that allowed for an opportunity to remove the items you included that are not actually recyclable. The city system, just like the vast majority of municipalities across the US, does not employ individuals to correct your mistakes. Please understand that how well you adhere to the rules determines whether a truckload of material is accepted by a buyer or whether it is rejected and sent to the landfill. Getting it right is up to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Texas Tech University was, as far as we know, the only place in Lubbock that accepts glass and foam for recycling. Foam and glass should not be recycled with the City.

If you have solutions for these materials that we do not know about, please contact us at 806 834 7572.