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Mask Pass & Sweet Suite

Speed Up the 2020-2021 Sign Up Process with Mask Pass and Sweet Suite

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Mask Pass and Sweet Suite are unique sign up programs that allow students to complete the University Student Housing sign up process early, up to the point of selecting a room. Completing the Mask Pass steps increases the likelihood that a student applying for housing will get the room they desire by shortening the total amount of time required on their official sign up date. Sweet Suite allows students that want a suite with three other friends to complete the sign up steps early, up to the point of selecting a room. When all four of the applying students that want to live together have completed the Sweet Suite steps, they will be manually assigned to the hall of their preference, depending on availability.

Here are the steps for each program:

Mask Pass:

  1. Go to housing.ttu.edu
  2. Click the blue Sign Up for Housing button
  3. Choose the academic year 2020-2021
  4. Electronically sign the contract (under 18 requires parent's signature)
  5. Pay required deposits and fees or rollover existing deposits
  6. Return on your designated sign up date - Review schedule here: housing.ttu.edu/signup

Sweet Suite (only available to RETURNING students):

  1. Complete Mask Pass steps 1-6
  2. Complete the Roommates and Hall Preference Form
  3. Approved applicants will receive an email after manual assignment
  4. All applying suitemates must complete the steps above

For more information about signing up early or reserving your roommates for a suite, contact University Student Housing at 806-742-2661 or by email at housing@ttu.edu.