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Spring 2022 Move-In

Spring 2022 Move-In

Spring 2022 Move-In for all new and returning students will start at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, January 9, 2022.

Please note: University Student Housing is strongly recommending that all students who are currently in quarantine or an isolation period due COVID-19 delay their return to campus until released by a healthcare provider. Please follow the CDC's guidance on isolation. If you will be returning to campus after the first day of classes on January 12, 2022, please email housing@ttu.edu and notify us of your delayed arrival.

Friendly Reminder: All students in university housing should develop an action plan in the event they are required to self-isolate due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. This plan should include a location to complete the self-isolation, access to groceries/meal delivery, access to necessary medications, numbers of emergency contacts, and contact information for their preferred healthcare provider. Please review TTU's COVID policies.

Before You Arrive On Campus

As you prepare to move into your new home, University Student Housing wants you to feel prepared for the move-in process. Please be sure to take care of the items listed below to ensure a smooth move-in process.

When You Get Here

When you arrive on campus, please proceed directly to your residence hall. Directional signage will be posted throughout campus.

We recommended you bring your own move-in supplies, such as a dolly/hand truck, however, a red linen cart can be checked out to assist with your move.

What To Bring

Below is a short list of items that might be helpful to have during the year. It is a good idea to check with your roommate(s) before bringing everything yourself. Often the amenities in a room are shared there's no need (or space) for two of everything. Coordinating which roommate will bring large items like refrigerators, microwaves, and televisions can save space and make a much more pleasant living environment.

  • Student ID (For check-in, residence hall access, meals, etc.)

  • Original Social Security Card (for working on campus)

  • Bed Linens, including mattress pad, pillows, pillowcases, XL twin-sized sheets, blankets (specially-sized blankets, sheets, and comforters are available from Residence Hall Linens).

  • Bathroom linens, including towels and washcloths

  • Toiletries, and a bin to hold them

  • Prescribed Medications

  • Clothes for warm and cool weather

  • Umbrella

  • Swimsuit and beach towel

  • Laundry basket, detergent, and dryer sheets

  • UL-approved surge protector, up to 12 feet

  • Alarm clock

  • Computer and accessories (including an Ethernet cable for Internet access)

  • Posters, pictures, area rugs, and other decorations

  • Bicycle with a good lock

  • Camera

  • Check or money order if you plan on opening a bank account

  • Small trash can

  • Rain gear

  • Small refrigerator - 3.5 cubic feet or less (MicroFridges from Collegiate Concepts, Inc. are available to rent) 

What Not To Bring

Be sure to review the list of University Student Housing Policies to familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited items and behaviors.

  • Alcohol

  • Halogen Lamps or Lamps with incandescent lightbulbs

  • Toasters / toaster ovens / hot plates / open coiled appliances

  • Rice Cookers / George Foreman Grills / Instant Pots

  • Pets - besides fish in a tank of up to 5 gallons

  • Weapons

  • Pellet guns

  • Candles / incense

  • Air conditioners of any kind

  • Extension cords without a breaker

  • Combustibles

  • Large speakers, multiple speakers, amplifiers

  • Wireless router - for more information, please visit the IT Help Central website

Do not bring items you are unable to store in your room. University Student Housing does not provide storage.

Electrical Appliances

  • Coffee makers (must be 6 cups or less), popcorn poppers, small microwave ovens, small refrigerators, and portable television sets are permitted in student rooms.
  • Microwave ovens must operate at 1500 watts or less. (Because of limitation of the electrical systems in the residence halls, microwave ovens may occasionally not perform as designed, especially if operated in conjunction with other appliances.) 
  • Refrigerators must operate at 120 volts at 60 hertz and not exceed the size of a standard small refrigerator (3.7 cubic feet).
  • While there are no size restrictions on televisions, a 50–inch TV will not allow much room for other items and it cannot be attached to the wall.
  • All electric appliances must bear a UL or equivalent certification label.
  • Radios, stereo systems, computers, desk lamps and electric blankets are also permitted provided the total electrical requirements do not exceed the capacity of the system as determined by University Student Housing and Housing Facilities. All equipment should be kept in safe operating condition. No outside antennas of any type are permitted.
  • Only UL or equivalent certification type surge protectors can be used. Extension cords are prohibited.

Safety and Room Modification Requirements

As a safety precaution, room modifications must follow these guidelines:

  • Lofts are not permitted in residence hall rooms unless they are university-owned.
  • USH is not liable for injuries caused by adjusting room furniture.
  • All USH furniture must remain in place and may not be dismantled in any manner.

If you choose to make modifications:

  • Furniture and electronics must be free-standing (not fastened to walls or ceiling).
  • Furnishings must be structurally able to safely support a person's weight.
  • Furnishings must not block a doorway. The room door must open to its original design.
  • Furnishings must not restrict exit from any portion of the room or be a safety hazard to persons walking around the room.
  • Furnishings that block the heating and air conditioning system could impact the overall climate within the room.
  • Furnishings must not include false floors of any kind. Must not include cork or shingles attached to any wall or ceiling surface.
  • Furnishings must not include flammable material attached to the ceiling or to any wall surface.
  • Furnishings must maintain a clearance of at least three feet from the main construction frame to the ceiling.
  • Furnishings must have all construction materials approved in writing by the Associate Managing Director of Facilities regarding fire retardant properties, toxic chemicals, etc.
  • All student room modifications shall be removed, and the room returned to its original condition before checking out of the room.
  • USH will not provide storage for any materials involved in student room modifications, nor will the department assume any liability for injury or damage.
  • Student room modifications that could create a possible fire, health, or safety hazard to any resident will not be allowed.
  • Electrical breakers will occasionally trip because of excessive amps being pulled from the outlet. Breakers trip as a safety feature to protect personal property and limit injury from electrocution and fires. USH reserves the right to remove personal property causing service issues with repeated breaker trips.
  • It is recommended that a FixIt Request be submitted to have beds adjusted.

Spring 2022 Move In FAQs

Are carts available to assist with move in?

  • Yes, there will be a limited number of moving carts available the day of move-in.
  • ONE large red linen cart may be checked out by students to assist with the move-in process.
  • A state-issued ID or driver's license must be provided and will be held while you have the red cart checked out. The ID will be returned upon return of the cart. The ID may belong to yourself or to a person assisting you with move-in.

What do I need when I check in?

  • You MUST have a state issued ID card or driver's license, or passport.
  • It is recommended you also have documentation that lists your Texas Tech “R” number (course schedule, email, University communication that contains your “R” number, etc.).

What do I need to bring for move in?

  • It is a good idea to check with your roommate(s) before deciding what to bring in term of large items like mini-fridges, microwaves, and televisions.
  • Please view our “What To Bring” section on our move-in page.

What if I do not have my Tech ID?

  • If you do not have your Tech ID (also known as Student ID), you will need to bring a driver's license, state issued ID, or passport.
  • It is recommended that as soon as you get to campus you go and get your Tech ID.

Will movers be available?

  • Movers will not be available to assist with your move-in process.

Can I bring my family pet?

  • No. University Student Housing is a pet-free facility with the exception of fish in a tank up to 5 gallons.
  • Service Animals and/or Assistance Animals will be allowed after appropriate documentation has been reviewed/approved by BOTH Student Disability Services and University Student Housing.
  • Students found to have an unauthorized animal in their residence hall will be subject to a $100 fine per instance.

Move Out

Students need to be moved out of their room 24 hours after their last final exam OR by Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 , whichever comes first.

Community Advisor (CA) Floor Meetings

Your CA will hold a floor meeting in late April and cover info regarding the move-out process. Be sure to attend this meeting as the information covered is very important to ensure a proper move-out. If you cannot attend the floor meeting, follow up with your CA about the information you missed.

Last Day of Classes & Individual Study Day

  • The Last Day of Classes is Wednesday, December 1st, 2021
  • Individual Study Day is Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Quiet Hours

24-hour quiet hours and study spaces will begin at 10 pm on TBD , and will continue throughout the rest of the semester. Other than your hall, additional study spaces.

How to Prepare Your Room

  • Pack your belongings early. If you can, start taking your possessions home during weekends.
  • Clean your room thoroughly to avoid being charged for cleaning. Make your room look like it is "Move-In" ready.
  • Leave all furniture and items that belong to Texas Tech University in the room.
  • For all movable furniture rooms, place bed height in the 6th position.
  • Attend your floor/courtyard closing meeting to make sure you are aware of checkout procedures.
  • Fill out the Update Your Mailing Address form.
  • Check your mailbox for mail and packages before you leave.
  • Re-check your closet and all drawers for anything left behind.
  • Retrieve an Express Checkout Envelope from the front desk. Fill out the front completely. Place your room key in the envelope and seal it. Place the sealed envelope in the Express Checkout Box located near your hall's front desk.
  • Check your Raiderlink account three or four weeks after move out for any charges you may have incurred and pay for any items you know you are responsible for to avoid having a hold placed on your account. If you would like to appeal or learn more about a charge on your account, fill out the Appeal a Move Out Charge form.
  • For questions about leftover dining dollars, visit the Hospitality Services website.

What to Avoid

  • Leaving without checking out and leaving your room key in your room will result in an improper checkout charge and potentially a lock change.
  • Leaving items in your car overnight because this is a high break-in time.
  • Leaving items sitting in the hallway for long periods of time is a fire hazard and increases the chance of theft.
  • Leaving leave your belongings unattended while moving them from your room to your car.

Trash Rooms

Due to COVID-19, residents will be required to dispose of their trash in designated dumpsters located outside their residence hall. Chitwood, Weymouth, and Coleman residents may dispose of their trash in the available trash chutes on their floor.

Damage Billing and Common Charges

  • Charges from move out will be posted within two weeks after move out to the student's Raiderlink account. Students will not receive notification if billed. It is their responsibility to check their account even after leaving TTU. Charges from move out will be noted as "Lock change/damage charges" on their account.
  • Rooms must be clean at the time of checkout. Free cleaning buckets and supplies are available at the front desk of each hall.
  • If a student feels a charge is not appropriate, they must appeal the damage charge within 30 days of it being posted on their account. All appeals must be submitted using the online form within 30 days from the billing date.
Broken Light Fixture $40 - $80
Repainting Wall Spots/Walls/Room $40 - $700
Failing to Checkout with the CA $50
Losing or Not Returning a Key $50 Per Door
Leaving Trash in the Hallway $50
Abandoned or Unremoved Property $50
Cleaning for Dirty Room/Suite/Apartment Starting at $75
Replacement of Missing Desk Chair $80

If you would like to appeal or learn more about a charge on your account, fill out the Appeal a Move Out Charge form.

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Graduating Seniors

Residents who are graduating on Friday, December 10th, or Saturday, December 11th, 2021 will need to complete a Stay Late Request form. Graduating Seniors who have been approved to stay late will need to check out of their space by 10 am on Sunday, December 12th, 2021.

Summer School Residents

Information regarding your individual move will be coming from the Hall staff in your current building. Please note information will be communicated as soon as it is available regarding your move via phone call and your TTU email account. Students should not attempt to move into their new room until instructed to do so by Hall staff.

Contract Extension Request

Requests to stay beyond the residence hall closing date and time must be submitted by TBD , at 5 pm. Because the residence halls must be prepared for summer conferences, summer school, and various renovation projects, very few requests to stay late will be granted. Please note Contract Extension Requests will only be approved for the following:

  • Graduating Seniors
  • Residents assigned to West Village or Honors for Summer School during the Summer I session
  • Residents who are employed for the summer by University Student Housing

Examples of Contract Extension Requests that will not be approved:

  • Flight booked later than TBD at 10:00 am
  • Friend or relative graduating or participating in commencement
  • The lease does not begin until TBD

Spring Move Out Contract Extension Request

Mail Delivery

The last day for mail and package delivery for any non-summer residents will be TBD . Please do not have packages delivered after this date as they will not be available for you. Be sure to check for any packages and/or mail prior to checking out. Please take a moment to complete the following information for mail forwarding, as any mail received will be returned to the sender if a Mail Forwarding Form is not completed.

Bike Donation

If you do not wish to take your bicycle with you, Transportation & Parking Services will take your donated bicycle in the Bikes for Cites program! You will receive one dismissed citation in exchange for your donated bicycle (specific citations excluded—see website).

  • Drop off your bicycle at Transportation & Parking Services
  • Email bike.parking@ttu.edu to schedule a pick-up from your residence hall or on-campus location

Please make arrangements to transport your bike with you. Unfortunately, bikes cannot be stored for the summer using the bike racks on campus as these racks need to be available for use in the summer.

Abandoned Property

Personal belongings left in your room after you have vacated are abandoned property. These items will be inventoried, labeled, boxed up, and stored by University Student Housing and you will be charged $50.00 for this process. Abandoned items are kept for 30 days after students have moved out. University Student Housing Staff will send a letter to your TTU email account and your permanent mailing address to notify you to collect these items. Once you have been contacted, you can make an appointment to retrieve your belongings Monday - Friday between 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Check Out Process

  • Attend the mandatory floor meeting in the last week of April. All residents will receive information about the checkout process and have the opportunity to ask questions related to closing.
  • Check with your Community Advisor or Front Office if you have any questions about the check-out process
  • Clean the common space and room thoroughly to avoid being charged for cleaning. Each roommate is responsible for the cleanliness of shared areas.
    • Make the room looks "move-in" ready. This means the floor must be swept, drawers cleaned out, sinks cleaned, and surfaces wiped down. There should not be trash, dust, or dirt present in the room at the time of check out.
    • All of your belongings must be removed from your space prior to checkout out. If you brought it here, you need to take it with you.
    • Take out all trash to the dumpster.
    • Be mindful that larger items may jam in the trash chutes and should be taken outside if it is too large.
    • Please do not leave trash in hallways as this creates a fire hazard and makes hallways difficult to navigate.
    • Close blinds and lock windows.
    • There should be nothing left in the room except the furniture items that belong to University Student Housing. All belongings must be out of the room and should be in a vehicle outside of the building.
  • A cleaning bucket will be available to check-out and use at the front desk of your hall.
  • All furniture provided by University Student Housing should remain in your space. If it is not present at the time of your checkout or if it has been damaged, you will be charged for the items.
  • Update your forwarding address.

During Checkout:

  • You need to go to the hall office to ensure you check your mailbox a final time as well as collect any packages which may be waiting for you in the hall office.
  • When you are ready to leave, retrieve an Express Checkout Envelope from the hall desk. Fill out the front of the envelope completely. Place your room key in the envelope and seal it. Place the sealed envelope in the Express Checkout Box located near your hall's front desk. 
  • An improper check-out may result in additional charges.