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Starting in June, students can begin scheduling their move-in day using the timeslots. Please continue to monitor your Texas Tech email for updates regarding the fall move-in.


Move-In Timeslots

University Student Housing's Move-In Timeslots enables residents to select a specific timeslot for moving into their residence hall. The intent of the Move-In Timeslots is to reduce overall wait times for services and to promote safety for residents, families, and staff.

Before You Arrive On Campus

Prior to your arrival on campus, University Student Housing wants you to feel prepared for the move-in process. Please be sure to take care of the items listed below to ensure a smooth move-in process.

  • Sign up for a move-in timeslot.
  • Purchasing renters insurance is highly encouraged but not required. Visit a third-party vendor here.
  • Review your room, hall, roommate, and dining plan assignments.
  • Learn more about your hall and room dimensions.
  • Purchase a parking permit from University Parking Services for your residence hall lot.
  • You can review our campus map here.

What To Bring

Below is a shortlist of items that might be helpful to have during the year. It is a good idea to check with your roommate(s) before bringing everything yourself. Often the amenities in a room are shared there's no need (or space) for two of everything. Coordinating which roommate will bring large items like refrigerators, microwaves, and televisions can save space and make a much more pleasant living environment.  

  •  Student ID (Tech ID)
    • Used for check-in, residence hall access, meals, etc.
  • Original documents that appear on the Form I-9 Acceptable Documents (i.e., Passport, Birth certificate, Social Security Card).
    • Original documents are required if a student plans to work on campus.
  • Bedding Supplies
    • Bed linens, XL twin-sized sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, and mattress pad
    • Specially sized linens and sheets are available for purchase through Residence Hall Linens Program
  • Bathroom Supplies
    • Typical toiletry items, a shower caddy or tote, and shower shoes
  • Laundry Supplies
    • Laundry basket, high-efficiency detergent, and other supplies you utilize
  • Clothing
    • Think about clothes that you will wear throughout the year. It is important to keep all seasons in mind and plan accordingly. Also, keep in mind that space is limited!
  • Personal Items
    • Prescribed medications, a bicycle with lock, laptop & phone chargers, ethernet cable, etc.
  • Other Room Supplies
    • Decorations, command strips, UL-approved surge protector (up to 12 feet), and approved electrical appliances.
    • Wastebasket: Due to limited space in the halls and trash chute sizes, we recommend a trash can no larger than 3 gallons. See example below.

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Approved Electrical Appliances 

  • All electrical appliances must bear a UL or equivalent certification label.
  • Extension cords are prohibited. Only UL or equivalent certification type surge protectors can be used.
  • Standard small refrigerator (3.5 cubic feet) and must operate at 120 volts at 60 hertz.
  • Microwaves must operate at 1500 watts or less.
    • Due to limitations of the electrical systems in the residence halls, microwaves may occasionally not perform as designed, especially if operated in conjunction with other appliances.
  • Crockpots and coffee makers (6 cups or less) can be used.
  • Wall mounts are prohibited. While there are no size restrictions on televisions, a 50-inch TV will not allow much room for other items.

What Not To Bring

Be sure to review the University Student Housing Policies and Procedures to familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited items and behaviors.  

  • Alcohol and weapons (of any kind)
  • Be aware of combustible materials and supplies
    • Candles and incense
  • Non-approved electrical appliances
    • Toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, open coiled appliances, rice cookers, grills, instant pots, and air conditioners
  • Non-approved lighting features
    • Halogen lamps or incandescent lightbulb lamps
  • Extension cords without a breaker
  • Amplifiers, large speakers, and/or multiple speakers are prohibited. 
  • Non-approved pets. 
    • Fish in a tank up to 5 gallons are allowed.
  • Wireless router - for more information, please visit the IT Help Central website

Do not bring items you are unable to store in your room. University Student Housing does not provide storage.

Arrive on campus during your scheduled move-in timeslot and proceed directly to your residence hall.

Please be sure to bring your student ID or photo ID. We also recommend you bring your own moving supplies, such as a dolly/hand truck, however, a red linen cart can be checked out to assist you with your move. 

Move-In Parking Information

Bledsoe/Gordon/Sneed parking

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Horn/Knapp parking

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Hulen/Clement and Wall/Gates parking

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Chitwood/Weymouth and Coleman parking

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Murray/Carpenter Wells and Honors parking

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Stangel/Murdough parking

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West Village parking

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Safety and Room Modification Requirements

As a safety precaution, room modifications must follow these guidelines:

  • Removeable wallpaper is prohibited.
  • Lofts are not permitted in residence hall rooms unless they are university-owned.
  • USH is not liable for injuries caused by adjusting room furniture.
  • All USH furniture must remain in place and may not be dismantled in any manner.

If you choose to make modifications:

  • Furniture and electronics must be free-standing (not fastened to walls or ceiling).
  • Furnishings must be structurally able to safely support a person's weight.
  • Furnishings must not block a doorway. The room door must open to its original design.
  • Furnishings must not restrict exit from any portion of the room or be a safety hazard to persons walking around the room.
  • Furnishings that block the heating and air conditioning system could impact the overall climate within the room.
  • Furnishings must not include false floors of any kind. Must not include cork or shingles attached to any wall or ceiling surface.
  • Furnishings must not include flammable material attached to the ceiling or to any wall surface.
  • Furnishings must maintain a clearance of at least three feet from the main construction frame to the ceiling.
  • Furnishings must have all construction materials approved in writing by the Associate Managing Director of Facilities regarding fire retardant properties, toxic chemicals, etc.
  • All student room modifications shall be removed, and the room returned to its original condition before checking out of the room.
  • USH will not provide storage for any materials involved in student room modifications, nor will the department assume any liability for injury or damage.
  • Student room modifications that could create a possible fire, health, or safety hazard to any resident will not be allowed.
  • Electrical breakers will occasionally trip because of excessive amps being pulled from the outlet. Breakers trip as a safety feature to protect personal property and limit injury from electrocution and fires. USH reserves the right to remove personal property causing service issues with repeated breaker trips.
  • It is recommended that a FixIt Request be submitted to have beds adjusted.

Fall 2023 Move In FAQs

Do we only have the 1 hour to move in and unload?

  • Yes and No. You are provided with 1 hour to access the designated unloading zone for your residence hall. Once your 1 hour have expired, you will move your vehicle to the main residence hall lot (Z-lot) and continuing moving in items as needed.
  • Secondary parking specifically for moving trucks/trailers will be designated near each residence hall.

What happens if I am scheduled to move in, but something comes up.

  • If you arrive early:
    • Although we are unable to accommodate early arrivals, please take this time to explore the campus with your family. If you did not have the opportunity to pick up your Student ID during Orientation, be sure to stop by and get your Student ID at the One-Stop-Shop event located in Holden Hall.
  • If you arrive late:
    • Please contact your residence hall office to discuss accommodation efforts.
  • If you are intending to arrive after Sunday, TBD, you do not need to utilize the timeslot system. However, we encourage you to please notify our department of your late arrival to avoid your contract being canceled. Please email housing@ttu.edu if you plan to move-in after Sunday, August 20. If you had a timeslot reservation, please “remove” your timeslot so another student can utilize this time.

Can I sign up for the same move-in reservation as my roommate?

  • Yes and No. Each individual student must select their own individual timeslot reservation. Although roommates may select the same date/time and thus move in on the same day and at the same time, they may not move in together under one timeslot reservation.

Do parents have to leave after the 1 hour timeslot period?

  • No. Parents are allowed to stay and help move-in and organize the students' room past the 1 hour timeslot period.

Are carts available to assist with move in?

  • Yes, there will be a limited number of moving carts available on the day of move-in.
  • ONE large red linen cart may be checked out by students with an active timeslot reservation to assist with the move-in process.
  • A state-issued ID or driver's license must be provided and will be held while you have the red cart checked out. The ID will be returned upon return of the cart. The ID may belong to yourself or to a person assisting you with move-in.

How does parking work?

  • You are provided with 1 hour to access the designated unloading zone for your residence hall. Once your 1 hour expire, you will need to move your vehicle to the main residence hall lot (Z-lot) and continue moving in items as needed.
  • Secondary parking specifically for moving trucks/trailers will be designated near each residence hall.
  • Beginning TBD, there will not be a designated unloading zone. Students must unload their vehicle from the residence hall parking lot (Z-lot).
  • Beginning TBD, Texas Tech Transportation and Parking will begin parking enforcement which consists of warnings, citations, and immobilizations for lack of proper permits.
  • Tickets will be issued to any vehicle parked in reserved spaces or ADA designated spaces without proper permits.

Can my family bring more than one vehicle?

  • Yes. You can bring more than one vehicle, but only one vehicle per student will be permitted in the unloading zone near the residence hall. This is to ensure we can effectively accommodate all students moving in.
  • Secondary parking specifically for moving trucks/trailers will be designated near the complex.

How many guests can I have helping me move?

  • Family/guests are not limited; however, we do ask that you be respectful of others who are also moving in at the same time. Elevator wait times may increase with large groups.

What do I need when I check in?

  • You MUST have a state-issued ID card or driver's license, or passport.
  • It is recommended you also have documentation that lists your Texas Tech “R” number ( University Student ID, course schedule, email, University communication that contains your “R” number, etc.).

What do I need to bring for move in?

  • It is a good idea to check with your roommate(s) before deciding what to bring in terms of large items like mini-fridges, microwaves, and televisions.
  • Please view our “What To Bring” section on our move-in page.

What if I do not have my Tech ID?

  • If you do not have your Tech ID (also known as a Student ID), you will need to bring a driver's license, state-issued ID, or passport.
  • It is recommended that as soon as you get to campus, you go and get your Tech ID. Please visit the University ID office for more information.

Will movers be available?

  • Movers will not be available to assist with your move-in process.

Are bed modifications allowed?

  • Loft-able beds are only found in Honors Hall and within the triple occupancy rooms in Horn, Knapp, and Sneed.
  • Once moved in, it is recommended that a FixIt Request be submitted to have beds adjusted.

Can I bring my family pet?

  • No. University Student Housing is a pet-free facility with the exception of fish in a tank up to 5 gallons.
  • Service Animals and/or Assistance Animals will be allowed after appropriate documentation has been reviewed/approved by BOTH Student Disability Services and University Student Housing.
  • Students found to have an unauthorized animal in their residence hall will be subject to a $100 fine per instance.

I signed up for housing but do not have a room assignment yet. Can I still sign up for a timeslot for move in?

No. We understand your concern, but you have assured housing on campus. Our team is diligently working to place students in one of their top three hall preferences. You will be notified via your TTU email when you are placed in a room, and then you will be able to sign up for a move-in timeslots.