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Roommate Choice Housing (RCH) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Roommate Choice Housing (RCH)?
RCH housing assignments refer to a housing option in which two or more students mutually agree to share a multiple-occupancy apartment without regard to the gender of the occupants.

Why is Texas Tech University offering RCH?
The RCH option provides students with increased choice in selecting a roommate(s). It gives students additional responsibility for their own room assignments and choice of their roommate(s).

Who is eligible for RCH?
Upper-class students are eligible to participate in the RCH option through room selection, and the room change processes. Only students who choose to live in RCH assignments in West Village and West Village Graduate will be assigned to these spaces. RCH is a voluntary housing option.

Which residence halls/apartments will be available for RCH?
At this time, Roommate Choice Housing is only available in West Village and West Village Graduate.

How will the bathrooms work?
West Village and West Village Graduate apartment spaces have private bathrooms that are typically only shared with one other student in the apartment.

How can an apartment be changed to become an RCH unit?
West Village and West Village Graduate apartment spaces can become RCH units through the assignment and the room change processes.

Can students be randomly assigned to a room with a roommate of a different gender?
No. No student will be assigned to an RCH apartment without their consent. All students who elect the RCH option must sign a Roommate Choice Housing Contract Addendum.

What if a student no longer wants to live in RCH?
Students who no longer wish to live in an RCH designated apartment can participate in the room change processes. Changing rooms may result in a price differential, depending on the space and hall available. All room change requests are subject to availability of space and must be completed through the official University Student Housing room change process. These reassignments are also not immediate unless there are extenuating circumstances.

What if a vacancy occurs in an RCH unit?
University Student Housing needs to maximize use of all available spaces on campus. If a vacancy occurs in an RCH assignment, remaining residents will have one week (7 calendar days) from the time the vacancy occurs to identify eligible replacement roommate(s). If the residents and USH are unable to find a replacement, the space may need to revert to a single-gender apartment. This may involve an administrative reassignment of some or all students to other spaces within the system. Reassigning rooms may result in a price differential.

Will parents be notified if their student chooses RCH?
University Student Housing does not generally communicate directly with families about students' housing assignments unless the student is under the age of 18; therefore, it is expected and encouraged that students communicate with their families if they plan to participate in RCH.

How will RCH be managed during room selection?
If you qualify for RCH you will see Roommate Choice Housing as one of your available communities when you are signing up for housing.

This document was adapted from Boston University.