Texas Tech University

Cleaning Program

Green Cleaning

Our Green Cleaning protocol is intended to provide guidelines for cleaning standards and operational procedures to ensure our staff maintains health, safety, and housekeeping standards established for our Residence Halls.

Our goal is to reduce potential hazards for our students and staff. By introducing Green Cleaning we feel we can improve the air quality, remove contaminants, and provide a safe and healthy environment that will promote student success.


Training protocol of University Student Housing has been written for custodial staff and supervisors. The training policy makes certain that all staff are educated on the health issues and environment effects associated with our cleaning products and equipment used in the facilities. Our staff is also trained on how to apply procedures that follow the policy. The training program includes Bloodborne pathogen training, First Aid, Active Shooter, Hazcomm, and Sustainability Training. The staff and supervisors are trained on these procedures annually.

Upon hiring, the new employee will be trained on an APPA standard training packet. The staff is also trained on new procedures when any new product is introduced. The Unit Manager of Support Services is responsible for any updates on this training. Supervisors are responsible for training staff according to these standards.

Safe Handling and Storage

Custodians are required to wear personal protective equipment when using chemicals. Custodians are trained in how to use these chemicals and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are kept in each custodial supply closet as well as computer access to these sheets.

The custodians keep their chemicals and equipment in designated closets. Hazardous chemicals are kept in a yellow flammable container to prevent accidents. The chemicals are properly and clearly labeled for safety purposes.


We make every effort to make sure the products and equipment we use are sustainable. Most chemicals used in our department are Green Seal certified or EPA compliant.

Green Cleaning