Texas Tech University

Hiring Review Committee



To:           Faculty and Staff

From:      Hiring Review Committee

Date:        January 8, 2021

Subject:   Hiring Review Update

Based on budget constraints due to COVID, the Hiring Review Committee (HRC) was appointed to review all requests for new positions, replacements, and salary adjustments with and without reclassifications. A separate process has been established for faculty positions through the Provost Office and staff positions through the HRC. Effective immediately, hiring managers may hire replacements for staff positions without HRC approval, providing that there will be no increase in salary for the replacement.

Furthermore, because the decision was made earlier this year that there would be no merit increases, we will not be approving any requests for salary increases except where the manager can show that there will be an overall departmental cost savings created by doing so. We will reassess this once the legislative session has ended in May or June.

For clarification only the following will be reviewed by the HRC: new positions, salary supplements, and limited salary increases as described above.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please forward them to Brynn Ireland at brynn.ireland@ttu.edu. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


c: Lawrence Schovanec, President
Brynn Ireland, Director