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Administrators Group Meeting Minutes

The Administrators Group Meetings are facilitated by Human Resources to provide information to departmental business managers and senior support staff. The following are the minutes to the meetings.

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is the ongoing cycle related to finding, recruiting, and selecting the most talented individuals who align with the university's strategic plan, possess required competencies, and fit in the organization's culture. By exercising strong relationship management, and providing candidates and hiring leaders with the ultimate experience, we endeavor to meet current and future employment needs. More...

New Employee Onboarding

You have invested time and energy into recruiting and hiring the best qualified individual for your organization. Getting your new employee off to a great start is another step in ensuring their success. More...

Position Management

Managers and supervisors are tasked with structuring and managing their organizational positions to optimize productivity, assure internal equity, and create career ladder opportunites. To do this successfully, you need the tools and expertise that Human Resources can provide. Human Resources Compensation develops and coordinates the university Staff Classification System (Pay Plan)and can assist you in evaluating and classifying new and existing positions. Human Resources will help you make informed pay decisions and maintain a productive organizational structure, which will keep your organization competitive in the current job market. More...

Managing and Assigning Security Access

Managers are tasked with assigning and maintaining security roles in the Banner Human Resources and financial reporting (Cognos), Human Resources (ePAF), and student systems. TEAM is an online tracking, reporting, and management system that allows you to assign and manage security roles for your employees whose job description requires access to Banner online systems. More...

Employee Leave

Texas Tech offers multiple options for employees who are eligible for leave. This page offers employees a convenient way of viewing the forms and instructions for leave reporting. More...

Check Your Leave Status

Emergency Leave

Performance Management

Talent Management provides guidance on the direction of employees throughout the organization. Its purpose is to ensure the supply of talent is available to align the right people with the right jobs at the right time to support the university's strategic plan. It is a philosophy that encourages an integrated approach to leveraging the greatest competitive advantage for our employees. We believe that talent differentiates organizational culture and propagates a productive work environment benefiting the employee and the organization. More...

Conflict Resolution

Coaching is the practice of helping individuals achieve a desired goal. We commonly see the sports coach responsible for helping the team achieve a winning season. With conflict coaching, we can help you with your communication goals. If the desire is to have a great conversation that results in a productive and respectful outcome, we can help you achieve that goal. Please contact us at 806-742-0530 for more information.

Mediation helps resolve disputes through an impartial, third person to find mutually satisfactory solutions to the parties' differences. Mediation is the most utilized informal process for resolving such issues.

Mediation Rules

Training and Development

Human Resources is here to support managers and supervisors by providing training opportunities that facilitate the development of their department, as well as provide a Leadership Training series to support their growth as a manager. It is also important as a manager to make sure all new employees are enrolled in New Employee Orientation within their first 30 days of employment. More...

Exiting Texas Tech

When deciding to leave Texas Tech, there are many processes both an employee and their manager must complete. Here, you will find all the information both staff and managers need to ensure a smooth transition.

Document Imaging

All documents pertinent to employee records are converted to electronic format and maintained in a Confidential Status in the Human Resources imaging system. Employees who wish to view their records may do so by visiting the Human Resources offices and providing proper identification.

Personnel Records

Personnel files should contain only data about the employment relationship and information you may use to make business decisions about employees, including hiring, promoting or demoting, determining salary or wages, transfers, etc. For assistance with your departmental personnel files contact Human Resources Systems at

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