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About Our Online Curriculum

We are continuing to meet the needs of Family and Consumer Sciences teachers across the nation with our new look and continuing updates to existing courses while developing new ones.

Our online curriculum platform makes navigating through the sections of all 36 courses easier than ever. Teachers can choose courses that address the FCS National or Texas standards with appropriate teaching strategies and supporting materials. With one membership, the teacher has access to instructional strategies, digital assets like PowerPoints®, fillable PDFs, editable rubrics, links to quality internet resources and videos, and community networking within the platform - empowering the teacher to engage students in active learning. 

  • Based on the objectives of both the National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
  • Organized so the teacher can be assured that all student essential skills have been developed.
  • Labeled for FCS National and Texas standards; Pre-PAC correlation; FCCLA and TAFE correlation; type of activity; correlation to language arts, math, science, and social studies objectives; student technology usage; and additional resources.
  • Hyperlinked so supporting materials are easily accessed.
  • Formatted consistently for ease of use.
  • Accessed easily with a computer, internet connection, and common programs, such as Word, PowerPoint®, and Adobe Reader.

Student materials are:

  • Designed to elicit student's active involvement in learning.
  • Formatted so that teaching aids may be manually or electronically completed.

Pricing and Samples

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Online Curriculum Pathways

Architecture and Construction

  • Interior Design - 1805

Arts, A/V Technology and Communications

  • Fashion Design I & Lab - 1808
  • Fashion Design II & Lab/Practicum & Extended Practicum in Fashion Design - 1807

Education and Training

  • Principles of Education and Training - 1813
  • Human Growth and Development - 1810
  • Instructional Practices/Practicum & Extended Practicum in Education and Training - 1811

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Principles of Hospitality and Tourism - 1820
  • Introduction to Culinary Arts - 1816
  • Culinary Arts - 1814
  • Food Science - 1815
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management: Hotel Management; Restaurant Management; Travel and Tourism Management - 1817
  • Practicum in Culinary Arts & Practicum in Hospitality Services - 1818

Human Services

  • Principles of Human Services -1834
  • Child Development - 1823
  • Child Guidance - 1824
  • Counseling and Mental Health - 1827
  • Dollars and Sense - 1828
  • Family and Community Services - 1829
  • Interpersonal Studies - 1830
  • Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness - 1832
  • Practicum & Extended Practicum in Human Services - 1833

Career Development/Middle School

  • Investigating Careers - 1801
  • College and Career Readiness - 1802

Career Development/High School

  • Career Preparation I & II & Extended Career Preparation - 1803

Innovative Course

  • Parenting for School-Aged Parents I & II - 1842


Online Membership Prices

CCFCS Memberships are for 12 months and may be started at any time. Your membership allows you access to online courses (based on the membership level selected below), community networking, and professional development.

One teacher - access to one course $200
Same teacher - add a course $150
One teacher - access to eight courses (buy five - get three free!) $800
If ordering for more than 20 courses, please call for custom pricing (Excludes 8 course packages).   
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