Texas Tech University

Policies and Procedures

Student Evaluation of Faculty Teaching


August 2015


To assure that students have the opportunity to anonymously evaluate faculty member's teaching activities. Data resulting from the evaluation will be used to provide feedback to the faculty member and to offer one type of data for teaching quality evaluation.


It is required that each faculty member obtains student evaluations for all organized courses taught in the fall, spring, and summer semesters using the standardized university form.


  1. A student (not the class TA) from each course or departmental staff member will monitor student evaluation of courses using material provided. The use of a staff member is strongly preferred.
  2. Evaluation forms are distributed to students and the completed forms returned to the department office by the student or staff member administering the evaluation.
  3. Comments from students should be typed in a list for each class, and the lists compiled for each faculty member.
  4. Evaluations are held in the department office until all are completed; then they are submitted to the computer center for scanning.
  5. When completed evaluation forms are returned to the department, they must be filed and stored for three years.
  6. Evaluations for distance courses are completed automatically by the university.
  7. When results from the on-campus course evaluation scan and the distance course results are ready, they can be downloaded and printed from the Institutional Research and Information Management website (www.irim.ttu.edu).
  8. Faculty members should be provided the numerical summaries for their classes and a copy of the typed comments.
  9. A copy of the student comments for each semester will be included as a part of the faculty member's annual report packet. The numerical scale is populated automatically on the annual report.
  10. A copy of the evaluation packet (numerical summary and comments) should be kept in the faculty member's file for at least six years.