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Earn your bachelor's or master's degree or certification online from Texas Tech and Great Plains IDEA.

What is Great Plains IDEA?

The Great Plains IDEA Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) is
a consortium of reputable universities which offer online, flexible, affordable online degree programs for students from diverse backgrounds. Each university brings
a unique strength in faculty and curriculum to the multi-institution program.

Students choose a home university where they apply, are admitted, register for
courses, and receive their degree. Online courses are taught by the best faculty in
each discipline from several universities. Students pay one common price per credit
hour regardless of which university is their degree-granting institution.

Choose Texas Tech as your home university for your online degree program.

Students in Texas Tech's online program will achieve personal and professional goals through convenient, flexible, high-quality online coursework that can be completed anytime, anywhere. You will learn from expert faculty who bring real-life experience to the coursework and are committed to helping you transition your learning beyond the online classroom into your career.

This alliance between Texas Tech and Great Plains Idea offers you a unique chance to take classes from multiple, high-quality universities. This collaborative approach to sharing resources allows you to earn an online bachelor's degree, master's degree, or graduate certificate through convenient, flexible, high-quality coursework you can complete anytime, anywhere.

Texas Tech and GPIDEA online degrees and certificates.

Texas Tech partners with GPIDEA to provide the following online degrees and online certificates:

Graduate Degrees

Graduate Certificates

Students admitted to the program at Texas Tech University (TTU) enroll at TTU for all courses, whether they are taught at Texas Tech or by a participating university. All courses will have a common price. There is no in-state or out-of-state tuition. This price will cover all course costs except textbook or course packet purchases.

*Common tuition rate set by Great Plains IDEA Board of Directors in connection and cooperation with participating institutions.

See why students are choosing Great Plains IDEA.

Texas Tech Great Plains Idea Online Majors

Expert Faculty

Faculty bring real-world experiences and understanding of the flexibility adult learners need.
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Texas Tech Great Plains Idea Online Majors

Flexible Learning

Choose from online majors and courses offered by multiple universities to create a unique learning experience.
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Texas Tech Great Plains Idea Online Majors

Affordable Education

One affordable common price per credit hour. No out-of-state fees or distance delivery fees.
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