Texas Tech University

Hospitality and Retail Management

Teaching/Research Assistantship Application

Application Deadlines:

Fall:  April 1
Spring:  November 1

Further Information:

Please contact Dr. Catherine Jai, Catherine.Jai@ttu.edu, or Dr. Jessica Yuan, Jessica.Yuan@ttu.edu, with any questions.

  • All graduate students are required to be enrolled as a full-time graduate student (9 hours).
  • All TAs and RAs will be required to attend mandatory training.
  • Any international student who anticipates applying for a teaching assistantship is required to take the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Workshop in order to be employed as a Teaching Assistant (TA). See the International Teaching Assistant Workshop information website [http://www.depts.ttu.edu/classic_modern/ita/].
  • Employment is contingent on satisfactory employment eligibility requirement fulfillment established by Federal Immigration Control Law.
  • Appointment renewal is subject to satisfactory progress toward your degree, and/or satisfactory performance of assigned duties, and/or availability of sufficient funds.
  • **Note: Passing ITA exam does not assure an assistantship


* Note: School TA/RA funding is limited to three semesters for M.S. students and six semesters for PhD students
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