Texas Tech University

Dr. Elizabeth "Bess" Haley Continues her Legacy

Former Dean of the College of Human Sciences (COHS), Elizabeth "Bess" Haley, Ph.D., never imagined she would one day return to Texas Tech after retiring, but she is happy she did. Dr. Haley served as the fourth Dean of the COHS from 1981-2000, where she left an inexplicable legacy.

After her retirement, Texas Tech Chancellor Duncan asked Dr. Haley to join the College of Visual and Preforming Arts (VPA) as a Special Advisor to bolster developmental efforts.

Dr. Elizabeth "Bess"Haley

"It has been a great experience. I always wanted to accomplish more in service to Texas Tech. The programs within Human Sciences and VPA are astounding and I am proud to have been a part of them."

As the Special Advisor to the Chancellor, Dr. Haley currently works with VPA to ensure that their vision is pushed forward through the procurement of essential resources and facilities for the college's future.

Dr. Haley says that her time with COHS helped prepare her for her current role.

"I love the challenge that comes with what I am currently doing, but I love a challenge. I always have. I think this is a great university and I have seen it grow in in many ways. It has been a remarkable journey."

When reflecting on her favorite memories within COHS, Dr. Haley says that the outstanding teamwork and resilience of the faculty and staff certainly stand out.

"We always had people who were such professionals and stepped up to help us with each of the new programs. Everything we did, we did together. It was very much a team effort."

President and Executive Director of the Helen Jones Foundation Mr. Jim Arnold shares his appreciation for Dr. Haley.

"Dr. Haley is a professional with incredible integrity. She is the best development officer I have ever worked with. My entire family considers her a friend. Her dedication fosters relationships for the benefit for Texas Tech University and the College of Human Sciences."

Under her expert leadership and guidance, the college built upon the Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management program and saw tremendous accomplishments with the evolution of the Center for Collegiate Recover Communities. The Personal Financial Planning program grew to new heights and earned its status as its own department with the reputation of being a national leader in financial planning education.

Dr. Haley offers a piece of wisdom to new and current alumni when pursuing their own careers. "Present yourselves effectively, professionally, and with confidence. Be open to change and don't be afraid to consider a career path that you might not have considered before."