Texas Tech University

Katy Blatnick-Gagné accepted to STEM CORE

Katy Blatnick-Gagné accepted to STEM CORE TTU

Director of The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences (CCFCS) Katy Blatnick-Gagné, Ph.D., was recently accepted as a STEM CORE Affiliate at Texas Tech University. Dr. Blatnick-Gagné will partner with the STEM Center for Outreach, Research & Education (STEM CORE) in its efforts to facilitate and promote collaborative and interdisciplinary activities in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

In her role with The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences, Katy plans to enrich the understanding of STEM education in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) content for future and current FCS educators. Katy hopes the opportunity paves the way for new faculty relationships across campus.

"It's exciting to be a part of something on the Texas Tech University campus that will help me advance my research and in return will have the ability to influence other educators, students, and the community."

FCS education meets the needs of the ever-changing society we live in and provides opportunities to educate students in a variety of content areas.

"I believe STEM is important to FCS, but I would also like to state that FCS is important to STEM." 

Katy stresses that the foundation of FCS is sciences—hard science, social science, and research science, having a multitude of connections to STEM such as e-textiles, chemistry in culinary arts, microbiology in food science and food safety, mathematics in design and finance, and inquiry-based learning.

FCS courses serve to reinforce STEM concepts throughout its curriculum offerings, along with providing students with hands-on opportunities to learn real-life skills.

"Students who participate in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) project-based learning (PBL) also show an increase in team communication, collaboration, and show a positive attitude toward learning. There is great potential to enhance student interest in STEM and Human Sciences based careers by intentionally incorporating STEM concepts into learning activities."

STEM CORE TTUThrough her experience in the program, Katy will be exposed to further knowledge of STEM activities, grants, and research efforts from pre-kindergarten through elementary, middle school, and high school into postsecondary and higher education.

"As a member, I will have the opportunity to recommend speakers, give presentations, and partner with other members on campus on grants, initiatives, and more," Dr. Blatnick-Gagné said. "I look forward to representing the College of Human Sciences and FCSE/CCFCS."