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Student Resources in the College of Human Sciences


The College of Human Sciences (COHS) is equipped with a multitude of services available to serve current students. The college offers a variety of nationally recognized programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels, with support units ready to aid students in their path to graduation.

As a destination for premier research and quality educational programs, we hope to better equip students with the tools to enhance the human condition, worldwide. We want to celebrate your academic journey and are here to help.

TTU HS Dean's office

The Dean's Office

The Dean's Office (DO) serves as the hub of the college, with ample knowledge and resources for all of COHS. Dean's Office personnel oversee all college support units as well as coordinating outreach and development efforts.

The DO also serves as the liaison for the university and system administrators on campus. Funding, scholarship, and event coordination are a few of the many duties that the DO coordinates in order to better serve its students, staff, and faculty alike.

The DO coordinates a fully online master's program in the Great Plains Idea Program (GPIDEA), a great option for students on-the-go. Students who wish to inquire about the online program or who may have any general questions about the college are welcome to stop by the Dean's Office in Human Sciences 142.

When should I go here for support?

  • You have a question or concern regarding facilities in the building.
  • You wish to contact Human Resources.
  • You wish to inquire about reservations for student common areas and/or college conference rooms within the building.
  • You are looking for the lost and found.

ttu HS Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Office

The Academic Advising Office offers a unique approach to supporting students in their degree completion. The Human Sciences advising team is organized by major rather than last name in order to allow each academic advisor to specialize in the majors that they work with. For students, this provides an exceptional opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their advisor from someone who is knowledgeable about their field.

Director of Advising and Retention, Ashlee Brown says that their office adheres to an approach that values individual strengths and encourages student potential.

"We care about our students being the best they can be while acknowledging that each has their own unique set of challenges, experiences, and life situations," Ashlee said.

Ashlee wants students to know that the advising team is here to help with each advisor working tirelessly to ensure that each and every student is taken care of the best way possible.

What should students know about the advising office? Ashlee notes that their team is knowledgeable about catalog content, campus resources, and all advising processes.

"You can feel confident that if we don't know the answer, we know someone who does," Ashlee said. "We assist with course planning, major and career exploration, academic recovery, and career preparation."

When should I go here for support?

  • You would like to make an appointment with your academic advisor.
  • You would like assistance filling out required advising forms.
  • You have a question about registration, your major, or course requirements.
  • You would like career path guidance. 

ttu technology services

Human Sciences Technology Services

The college houses its very own technology services team, who serve as an excellent resource for technology related questions. Any students, staff, or faculty in the college who wish to utilize their facilities are more than welcome to direct their questions to the technology services team.

Technology Services is available for students to utilize computer labs, which are free to students when classes are not in session. Students have access to scantrons, pencils, and printing services in the building on the third-floor office—accepting cash or debit and credit cards. Students are able to load funds to their account and print directly to the technology services printers, with the option to print large posters.

"Students should know that we are here to assist them in any way possible," Unit Manager Ron Baker said. "They are welcome to make us their first point of contact for technical questions or issues."

Ron cautions students that per university policy, they are prohibited from working on personal computers, however students may easily contact IT Help Central for any personal computer issues they may have regarding personal devices.

Upon request, students in need of access to computer labs after hours can have their ID programmed to access the labs as long as the building is open. Students interested in this request should contact hs.techservices@ttu.edu.

Students who wish to utilize these resources are encouraged to stop by Human Sciences 306B and meet our dedicated technology team.

When should I go here for support?

  • You have a technology question regarding equipment in the building.
  • You would like to print documents and/or posters in the building.
  • You would like to use computer labs in the building.
  • You would like to utilize research poster templates available to students.

ttu hs research office

Research Office

Room 101 in the Human Sciences building seats the College of Human Sciences Research Office, where students can browse the college's advancements in ground-breaking research. The office is ready to provide all students with information about funding opportunities to fuel their own research and to pave the way for undergraduates to enter graduate school upon graduation.

Looking to celebrate the dedication of students in the college, the office promotes internal graduate conferences for both undergraduate and graduate students as a way to improve their research presentation skillset. Similarly, the office encourages faculty members to serve as expert resources for students interested in beginning their own research.

The office encourages students to visit the Research Office to learn more about the one-of-a-kind research opportunities available to those in the College of Human Sciences.

When should I go here for support?

  • You would like to learn more about research opportunities in the college.
  • You have a question regarding research tactics.
  • You would like to learn more about research funding opportunities.
  • You would like to learn more about the research labs, centers, and institutes in the college.