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Texas Tech Announces New Life Centered Financial Planning Curriculum

1st Student Completes Non-Degree Seeking Certificate Program

Glenn Malkiewicz TTUThe Department of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University began offering the new Life Centered Financial Planning (CLCP) non-degree seeking certificate this year. The program recently celebrated its first student to complete the certificate, Glenn Malkiewicz.

"It has been an honor and pleasure to complete the Life Centered Financial Planning course through Texas Tech," Malkiewicz said. "This course has provided me with a practical approach to client discovery that puts the client's life at the center of the conversation and not their money."

Malkiewicz said that he noticed positive results from the program, leading to more meaningful conversation with clients and the ability to connect on a deeper emotional level.

"The teachings are practical and applicable to everyday real-life client situations, and I'm excited for my future in this profession as a result of completing this course," he said.

The CLCP certificate is comprised of three courses: Fundamentals of Life Centered Planning, Planning with Emotional Intelligence, and Communication and Counseling Skills.

"The course is delivered by Dr. Sarah Asebedo, Mitch Anthony, and Deena Katz who are industry leaders and driving the push for a client-centric approach," Malkiewicz said. "Learning from their years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom will be valuable in helping my clients achieving amazing outcomes."

This interdisciplinary program draws from psychology, counseling, and behavioral finance to equip advisors with the personal skillset and discovery methods necessary to succeed as a practitioner of life-centric financial advice. The curriculum was developed by Mitch Anthony, Founder of the Financial Life Planning Institute, in partnership with Texas Tech faculty Sarah Asebedo and Deena Katz.

"I think that this certificate program focuses on the change in the industry, away from portfolios and toward people," Katz said. I am proud to be a part of this program and genuinely respect the education and experience coming out of it."

By completing the certificate program courses, financial planning practitioners will develop a deeper knowledge of key relationship building and discovery skills as well as financial behavior and counseling approaches to establish stronger client relationships.

"This curriculum is a valuable addition to the courses currently offered in our CFP-Board Registered Financial Planning programs," Department Chairperson of Personal Financial Planning, Vickie Hampton said. "These three courses will be offered on-line so that professionals from across the world and their clients can benefit,"

This program will be especially beneficial to those desiring to implement a life-centric planning approach. The CLCP will elevate the financial planner to a professional who places the person, not the assets, as the most important aspect of their process.

"This certificate will be an indicator to clients that you are capable of deeper dialogues beyond how the markets are doing and will help financial advisors see the benefits of life centered planning rather than money centered advice for both themselves and their clients," Anthony said.

Participants can take up to two courses at one time providing an opportunity to complete the certificate in as little as 9 months.

"Advisors enrolled in the CLCP will learn and practice evidenced-based methods that promote client financial satisfaction and overall well-being," Asebedo said. "Advisors will benefit from a unique curriculum developed from a collaboration of researchers and practitioners that is directly applicable to their work with clients."

For course descriptions and to register, please visit: http://bit.ly/2oZ7Ike