Texas Tech University

Association of Students About Service Attend National Collegiate Recovery Conference

By Katy McCall

In July, student members of the Association of Students About Service (ASAS), Caulen Ward and Dustin Huckabe attended the National Collegiate Recovery Conference in Washington, D.C. After learning how college recovery programs are growing throughout the country, they left inspired to help grow their organization.Association of Students About Service Attends National Collegiate Recovery Conference

This was the 8th National Collegiate Recovery Conference sponsored by the Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE), an association exclusively representing collegiate recovery programs (CRPs) and communities (CRCs). The conference provided an opportunity for CRPs/CRCs from all over the country to learn from each other and improve.

With ties to ASAS and the Texas Tech CRC, Caulen did not hesitate to apply for the conference.

"I wanted to go because it would be a great opportunity to learn about how recovery and higher education were growing in schools all across the country. I was looking for ways to help our organization grow and flourish."

The conference consisted of multiple panels and speakers. Caulen said there was always someone interesting to listen to who was passionate about building CRPs nationwide.

"I felt very inspired sitting and listening to all the presenters. It reinforced being at Texas Tech and a part of the CRP is where I am supposed to be."

The conference made Caulen believe he could make an impact, just like the directors and people who run CRPs.

Dustin also found the conference extremely rewarding.

"I was able to learn from professionals about how the field is developing and what they are doing to keep it moving forward."

Dustin also used the conference as an opportunity to network. By talking with other CRP/CRCs, he was able to learn what is making them successful and share insights about Texas Tech's program. He was also able to network with those who share his interest in social work.

"I was able to ask questions about my field and meet people in other CRCs who are also in the field. I met John Shiflet who was a student at Texas Tech and is now a director at the CRC for The University of Houston."

The conference made Caulen and Dustin feel like what they are doing in school is worth-while.

"We as students in recovery can succeed in school. Not only can we can succeed, but we can be some of the best students on the campus," Caulen said.

Both students look forward to taking what they have learned from the conference back to Texas Tech. Dr. Thomas Kimball, Professor of Community, Family and Addiction Sciences and Director of the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities, is the incoming president of the ARHE. He will continue making the conference a valuable learning experience, so students like Caulen and Dustin keep coming back.