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What It Means to be Homecoming Queen

Senior Human Development and Family Studies major Casey Fleming crowned Homecoming Queen

Casey Fleming HDFS TTU Homecoming Queen

Senior Human Development and Family Studies major Casey Fleming was crowned the 2017 Homecoming Queen at halftime of the Texas Tech vs. Iowa State football game on Saturday, October 21.

Casey describes her reaction to hearing her name announced in front of thousands of fans inside the Jones AT&T stadium.

"Initially, I was shocked and thought that a mistake might have been made. After the crown was placed on my head, tears immediately filled my eyes as reality set in. The feeling was surreal and ultimately so humbling."

Casey says that she intends to proudly carry the responsibility of Homecoming Queen.

"I accept that responsibility with the most joyful and thankful heart, but I know that it has implications. In this role, I know that I will be looked at carefully. I must continue to live my life with compassion, kindness, integrity, joy, and respectability because others are watching."

Casey is currently studying Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) before she plans to pursue a career as an Occupational Therapist. Outside of her studies, Casey is involved in numerous student activities on and off campus. Casey is a member of Pi Beta Phi, President's Select, and Mortar Board. In addition, Casey serves as a volunteer for Ronald McDonald House and also works part-time as a student assistant for Texas Tech Football.

When asked why she chose HDFS for her major, Casey says she knew it would prepare her for occupational therapy.

"As a future Occupational Therapist, I believe that having a background in HDFS will help me best assist my patients and their families as they experience challenges with loved-ones."

After graduate school, Casey hopes to gain experience in occupational therapy that will prepare her for the dream of owning her own private practice.

Casey says she recognizes the leadership opportunity that this new role has bestowed upon her and says it is a duty she will gladly take on.

"I know that I am now a spokesperson for this incredible university and I understand that others will look at me in this light. I love this responsibility, because it is so easy for me to speak positively about the school that has shaped me into the young lady that I am."

Casey hopes others might consider a similar career path within the College of Human Sciences after hearing about the opportunities she has had during her undergraduate career.

"I think I represent the College of Human Sciences because of my involvement with my major and the relationships I have formed with faculty and staff in this specific college. I do deeply consider whether or not I am an individual that others want to emulate. In striving for excellence in all aspects of my life, I hope that I encourage others to do the same."

Casey credits Academic Advisor Timothy "Tim" Spees for assisting and encouraging her in her academic pursuits.

"My favorite aspect of COHS is without a doubt, my academic advisor. Mr. Spees has been an incredible advisor throughout my years at Texas Tech. He is truly a blessing to me and his other students," Casey said. "He has thoroughly prepared me for every semester while keeping in mind my long-term goals. On top of that, he goes above and beyond to ensure that I am personally doing well in all aspects of my life. The College of Human Sciences would not be the same without his leadership."

Tim describes Casey as a student that is intelligent, kind-hearted, and always willing to learn and hear advice.

"In her first year, she mentioned she was interested in occupational therapy. She immediately sought ways to prepare and make herself competitive in the field," Tim said. "When I heard she had been named Homecoming Queen I was happy and surprised; but also thought, should I be surprised? It fits her so well! She has continually strived for excellence. I am confident Casey will do great things with her life and I hope to hear about them someday."

Casey reflects on her journey to becoming this year's Homecoming Queen.

"I made so many fun memories during Homecoming Week. Every royalty candidate was incredible and I know I have made friends that will last a lifetime," said Casey. "My desire is to share with others about the opportunities at Texas Tech; the unified campus culture and the success-driven atmosphere, so that others know 'From Here, It's Possible.'"