Texas Tech University

2017 Mentor Tech of the Year


Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences Associate Professor Dr. Sara Smock-Jordan selected as Mentor Tech of the Year

Dr. Sara Smock-JordanCongratulations to Associate Professor in Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences Sara Smock-Jordan, Ph.D., for her selection as the 2017 Mentor of the Year by the Mentor Tech organization. Many faculty and staff members have worked tirelessly to contribute to the great efforts for the wonderful organization. We celebrate Mentor Tech in their accomplishments and all those who have been involved in service to Mentor Tech's mission.

Mentor Tech exists on the Texas Tech Campus to enhance the quality of education for students from underrepresented populations. Through mentoring by faculty, staff, and peer groups, Mentor Tech seeks to improve the graduation rates of these students, called protégées.

Dr. Smock-Jordan currently serves in the College of Human Sciences as a tenured Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). Dr. Smock-Jordan received her Master of Science degree in MFT from Purdue Calumet in 2003 before completing her Ph.D. in MFT from Virginia Tech in 2006.

Before joining Mentor Tech, Dr. Smock-Jordan had a particular student in need of one-on-one mentoring. When Sara became aware of what Mentor Tech offers students, she quickly became involved.

It has been two years since Dr. Smock-Jordan joined Mentor Tech. She attends weekly meetings with her protégée in order to help students navigate a strenuous life in college.

Dr. Smock-Jordan says Mentor Tech empowers first generation students to be successful in their education and life.

Dr. Smock-Jordan thinks back on her experiences with her protégée Lorena.

"One month, I invited Lorena to the Lubbock First Friday Art Trail with my family. This was a highlight in our mentorship relationship. I have also enjoyed watching Lorena succeed as a straight A student as well as her serving in several leadership positions on campus."

Dr. Smock-Jordan was very surprised at her selection of Mentor of the Year and an extreme honor for her own protégé, Lorena, to have nominated her.

Lorena describes her relationship wither mentor.

"Dr. Smock-Jordan has always been willing to help in any way she can. I believe it is part of her nature as a therapist, however, I've always felt worthy, inspired, and encouraged around her. She has introduced me to a number of opportunities that help me grow both in my academic and personal life."

When asked why she nominated her mentor, Lorena says that she admires Dr. Smock-Jordan and appreciates all of the opportunities provided through her experience with the Mentor Tech program.

Dr. Jordan and Lorena Posadas"Dr. Smock-Jordan has invested time and energy in ensuring my development and success. She is a woman I strive to be like. She not only works on her own success but, is always eager to help people move forward in the MFT field. She teaches and empowers others to be successful and to be the best that they can be; a unique quality for a successful woman in today's society."

Lorena describes the Mentor Tech program as an opportunity to discover her full potential through connections made with faculty and to receive steadfast support throughout her academic journey.

"I feel prepared for my future after my undergraduate studies. I also know I can always come back and seek help from the Mentor Tech team if I need it."

In celebration of Dr. Smock-Jordan and all involved with the program, the 15th Annual Mentor Tech Celebration Banquet was held at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Banquet Hall on April 13. The banquet featured former National Football League Hall of Fame running back and businessman Emmett Smith as guest speaker.

In the future, Mentor Tech will continue to serve students through faculty and staff mentoring with the hope of reaching underrepresented groups through a conductive environment that is welcoming to all students' academic and social needs.