Texas Tech University

Environmental Design Graduate Student Continues to Pursue Her Passion for Fashion

Mona Maher Environmental Design Graduate Student with a Concentration in Apparel Design

Mona Maher has always pursued her passion in apparel design. Mona already has a Master of Business Administration and 10 years of management experience, but Mona continues to pursue her passion and is now an Environmental Design graduate student with a concentration in Apparel Design and Manufacturing. The apparel design graduate program has lent Mona a deeper look into the world of fashion.

"This journey has been made possible by the advisement of the wonderful professors and with the support of the Department of Design in the College of Human Sciences," Mona said.

Texas Tech University's Apparel Design and Manufacturing master's degree is nationally recognized and accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The Apparel Design concentration in the Environmental Design program offers an opportunity for students interested in apparel and fashion design to learn more about sustainable design, entrepreneurship in fashion, innovative apparel design technology, and creative design studio creation. Mona is particularly interested in innovative apparel design technology. 

Mona is interested in researching fashion technologies such as 3D body scanning, digital pattern making, and sustainable design and manufacturing. Mona is currently studying the latest methods of body measurement using 3D body scan technology. The research is conducted and advised by Su-Jeong Hwang Shin, Ph.D., an associate professor and the director of Apparel Design and Manufacturing program.

Mona plans to graduate in May of 2019. She hopes to continue her career in academia first by teaching and researching as a Ph.D. student, and then eventually as a faculty member.