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Family and Consumer Sciences Student Leads FCCLA High School Students on Tour of Human Sciences

Senior Victoria Patton's time as FCCLA advisor enriches degree experience through service and leadership

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) advisor and Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) senior Victoria Patton recently led a group of high school students in FCCLA on a tour of the College of Human Sciences (COHS).

"The tour consisted of all FCS students with about more than half of them being in FCCLA," Victoria said. "We had all of our FCCLA officers with us and the tour offered everyone an opportunity to see Texas Tech, hear more about what COHS offers, and how they can utilize the career center."Senior Victoria Patton’s time as FCCLA advisor enriches degree experience through service and leadership

FCCLA is a student led co-curricular career and technical student organization (CTSO). According to the FCCLA website, the organization is the only career and technical student organization with a central focus on family. The program is meant to help students become strong leaders in their families, careers, and communities. The organization promotes family and consumer sciences and provides opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life.

As an FCCLA advisor, Victoria's job is to simply advise and guide students. Victoria helps with fundraisers, offers ideas for their projects, and assists the students with anything they may need. In this case, Victoria's role as an advisor allowed her to help facilitate the tour of the College of Human Sciences.

"They had never been to Skyviews before, so that was a neat experience for them and many had also never been on a college campus. Since I student teach, I'm never on campus so it was nice being back and being in a classroom again."

Victoria is using her degree in Family and Consumer Sciences to prepare for a teaching career, but that wasn't always the plan she had in mind.

"I started at Texas Tech with a different major, but I wasn't happy doing that. I knew I wanted a change, but I didn't know what. Then I started thinking about what am I passionate about, what do I like doing, and what will make me happy. That's when I went back to the idea of FCS."

Victoria is passionate about helping people, the culinary arts, and design. Family and Consumer Sciences combines all of those passions in a way that makes Victoria feel like she can positively influence others. Victoria knew that FCS was the right choice for her.

"I took FCS courses in middle school and they were my favorites. I learned so many life skills that I knew would always be useful. It was because of my past experience that I knew FCS would be the right major choice for me."

Victoria loves the tight bonds that are forged in the Family and Consumer Sciences Education program at Texas Tech. Students begin block classes together and see many of their classmates throughout their college experience. Victoria said she has gained many friendships through Family and Consumer Sciences courses at Texas Tech University.

"I also love that we are able to form great relationships with our professors and they know things about us. The FCSE professors truly care about their students and I think that is great. They were also former teachers so they are able to provide some insight about what life in the classroom may be like."Senior Victoria Patton’s time as FCCLA advisor enriches degree experience through service and leadership

Victoria credits the Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences (CCFCS) for providing numerous resources to students that aren't usually offered at other universities. The CCFCS is the only curriculum center in the nation that specializes in the development of curriculum materials for family and consumer sciences. The center offers a broad range of resources like online, print, and multimedia curriculum as well as professional development training.

Victoria graduates this December, and has thoroughly enjoyed her time in the FCSE program at Texas Tech.

"I have enjoyed it so much and I'm eager to begin teaching the next generation and being a positive influence in their lives," Victoria said.

For now, Victoria is enjoying her time as an FCCLA advisor and tour guide for high school students.

"Overall, I enjoyed the entire tour and I can't pick a favorite part because everything was great. If my students enjoyed it and had a great time then I consider it a success."