Texas Tech University

Student Testimonial: Research Opportunities for Hospitality and Retail Management Graduate Students

Hannah Fields

November 12, 2020


Daniella Recalde focuses on retailer resiliency through a research lens

Inspired by the ongoing research in the Department of Hospitality and Retail Management at Texas Tech, Daniella Recalde joined the department's Hospitality, Tourism, and Retail Management doctoral degree program in 2020.

"The degree plan was very aligned to what I was looking for, and I received incredible support and guidance from the faculty throughout the entire application process," Recalde said. "Overall, Texas Tech support on diversity and the gorgeous campus were also major drivers for my decision."

Recalde, who holds a bachelor's degree in International Business from Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) and a master's degree in Business Administration from the EAE Business School, says her main research interests include the impact of consumer behavior changes in the industry and the exploration of new technologies for pricing management, such as AI and its effects on the retailers' margins.

These research areas have become especially important, Recalde says, due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has forced retailers to adapt to new consumer demands.

"The retail industry is currently facing great challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic effects in the economy, the intense corporate debt to leverage growth strategies during the previous years, and the lack of interest of customers to visit stores," Recalde explained. "These are disruptive times that have required the retail industry to take a fast-paced progression to adapt to the new consumer demands (online shopping, curbside pick-up, and contactless services) and to modernize obsolete business models."

Recalde adds that retailers are also facing a downturn in brand loyalty as consumers are more open to trying new brands and adopt them in their everyday lives. However, Recalde remains hopeful, especially in the ability to create new and helpful tools for retailers through research.

"This behavior could be an opportunity or a threat for any business," Recalde said. "Developing tools that can help businesses to identify and correctly interpret market trends will help the industry and/or community to overcome the storm and thrive in this unprecedented time."

With an expected graduation date of May 2024, Recalde says she's set career path goals of continuing her contribution of high-quality research and to have an active role in the retail industry.