Texas Tech University

Student of the Month: Yi Hsin Hung

Samantha Salazar

November 10, 2021

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Through her commitment to helping underprivileged communities, Hung has gained recognition from faculty and peers.

Transcending borders, Yi Hsin "Cindy" Hung has made her mark on the Texas Tech campus as Student of the Month. Originally from Taiwan, Hung came to Lubbock to earn a doctoral degree in Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy (CMFT). She holds a passion for helping underprivileged communities and chose the CMFT program to gain research evidence on how to help those communities best.

"I want to address such issues by harnessing my experience in research methodology and empirical analysis to provide evidence-based support and enact real-world change," Hung said.

Hung expresses gratitude for the education and support she has received from faculty in the CMFT doctoral program. On campus, she has gained professional experience through research endeavors and teaching and supervising roles, where she facilitated reflections and meaningful discussions with her students.

"I appreciate this program not only focuses on students' clinical growth and their professional preparation but also providing various research opportunities,” Hung said. “This program has extensive curriculum design, exceptional faculty, and rigorous research training."

As Student of the Month, Hung has continued to exemplify what it means to be a Red Raider both in and out of the classroom. She dedicates her free time to offering community workshops and running a YouTube channel to spread awareness on mental health issues, specifically for the Asian American and Pacific Islanders community. Hung came to America to gain an education to serve her community better and has received support in this endeavor from her advisor, Kristy Soloski, Ph.D.

"I am especially thankful to my advisor, Dr. Kristy Soloski, for all the encouragement and help during the challenging time of COVID-19 and the Stop AAPI Hate," Hung said.

In the future, Hung hopes to develop a mental health agency, research institute, and promote diversity as a faculty member. Through her education from the CMFT doctoral program, she plans to use her research and teaching experience to provide a voice for underprivileged populations.

"Through these goals, I seek to give voice to underprivileged populations, using my story and the education I have received along the way, to speak to the unique issues they may face," Hung said.