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New Partnership Announced Between The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities and Dallas 24 Hour Club

Samantha Salazar

April 22, 2022

Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities

Dallas 24 Hour Club Residents can now apply to the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities and earn a remote or in-person degree from Texas Tech.

The Dallas 24 Hour Club offers substance use treatment to those who are homeless in the Dallas area. Some residents receiving treatment never got a college degree or only have a few credits left to graduate. The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CCRC) has partnered up with the Dallas 24 Hour Club, allowing their residents to enroll in Texas Tech courses once accepted into the CCRC.

“The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities is dedicated to reaching out to community organizations that serve marginalized groups of people and give them an opportunity to come to college,” said Dr. Thomas Kimball, Director of the CCRC. “Our current plans are to work closely with the 24-Hour club to assist their clients in understanding our Collegiate Recovery Community, our application process, and make it as easy as possible for them to be part of our program.”

The goal of this partnership is to increase the amount of Dallas 24 Hour Club residents that are eligible for the program and help them understand the process of applying to Texas Tech and the CCRC. Once accepted into the CCRC, residents can search through various degree options and choose whether to earn their degree remotely or in person. The CCRC and Dallas 24 Hour Club are also raising scholarship funds to help offset the costs of residents' tuition costs.

“What this collaboration means is that we get to admit students in recovery from the 24-hour club who we are excited to help and who will be a great addition to our community of students,” said Kimball. “The culture and atmosphere they had created at the 24 Hour Club was much like what we have at the Center and our values and ideas about recovery matched up so well.”

The CCRC believes that diversifying our community enriches the experience and meaning of attending Texas Tech. This partnership helps bring diversity to higher education by assisting the Dallas 24-Hour Club and giving residents access to a college education. The CCRC will help continue care to those accepted into the program to help them stay on track regarding their education and substance use recovery.

Currently, the CCRC is equipped to help support around 125 students. With the help of generous donors over the years, the center has raised over 1.3 million dollars for their 75+ initiative; an initiative focused on increasing staff, scholarships, and operational funds. Most importantly, the first phase of this initiative is to welcome an additional 25 students into the center. Initiatives like the 75+ initiative and partnerships with fantastic centers such as the Dallas 24 Hour Club are at the forefront of making substance use recovery and higher education more accessible.