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Sponsors & Professionals Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help sponsor Opportunity Days?
You may choose to sponsor opportunity days through several levels. Please check the 2021 Sponsorship Levels and Benefits webpage for additional information.

I want to interview, what should I do?
When the registration link opens in January, on the registration form you will indicate which days and how many rooms that you will need when interviewing. We will contact the University Career Center to get your room set up for you and will follow up with additional information on how to post jobs.

How long do the interviews last? Who can I interview?
The interviewing firm can set its own schedule. Most firms like to spend 30 minutes to one hour per interview. You may set your schedule to your own comfort level. You may interview the students for internships or full-time openings. The choice is yours.

I want to post a job but not attend Opportunity Days, what should I do?
If you would like your job to be marketed to current students, please contact Liz Currie and she will let you know our protocol for posting jobs.

My sponsorship level gives me tickets to the banquet that I will not be using, what am I supposed to do?
Nothing. If your firm will not be able to attend the banquet, you have no obligation to find a use for the tickets. The money raised through sponsorship helps to keep the cost of the banquet down for the students. Through a platinum level sponsorship, companies will have an entire table (8 seats) reserved to use as they please. For other sponsoring attendees, you are welcome to sit anywhere that does not have a "reserved" table tent on it. 

Can we help sponsor Opportunity Days and not attend?
Absolutely. We will ensure that your name/company receives the recognition designated with the sponsorship level of your choice. You do not have to attend any of the events to help sponsor Opportunity Days. Thank you in advance for your support!

If I cannot attend Opportunity Days, can I come to Texas Tech and interview the students at a different time? Or I need to hire in the fall, may I come?
Yes, you can interview at any point during the year! During Opportunity Days, PFP releases students from classes to help students make time for interviews and events that are scheduled to facilitate networking. This is the only time of year that the department is able to provide extensive support. If you would like to come in the fall, the best option is going to be Fall Career Day.

To whom should I make the check payable?
Please make all checks payable to: PFP Career Development Fund.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. If you would like to pay for your registration via credit card you may do so through our TouchNet Store

I am an employer and I am having problems looking at student résumés and posting my job. Who can help me?
Please contact Brooke A. Wilson at the Texas Tech University Career Services.