Texas Tech University

John Salter, Ph.D., CFP®, AIFA®

Undergraduate Program Director, Associate Professor of Practice
Personal Financial Planning

Email: john.salter@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-2143

Office: HS 263

Office Hours:
By appointment 


John Salter


Dr. Salter has been on the Texas Tech faculty since 2006. During this time he has taught numerous courses in the program and has been heavily involved in the administration of the program. Dr. Salter is also a partner and wealth manager for Evensky & Katz Wealth Management in their Lubbock office. He is a Certified Financial Planner® Practitioner and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst®. Dr. Salter received his PhD in Consumer Economics with a specialization in Personal Financial Planning from our own Personal Financial Planning program, and has also earned an MS in Personal Financial Planning, MBA, and BS in Chemical Engineering.

Leadership / Awards Texas Tech University
Dr. Salter served as director of the Personal Financial Planning program prior to the Department's transition to a department and currently as the director of undergraduate CFP Board-Registered programs. He has been recognized for his teaching and service multiple times in his career at Texas Tech. Dr. Salter also served as president and chairman of the Financial Planning Association's West Texas chapter.

Research Interests

Dr. Salter is currently researching the role of reverse mortgages in retirement distribution management and cash management. His past research, which he still works on with colleagues, included the benefits of both retirement income planning and utilization of financial advisors. He has also worked with colleagues on research involving the transition of students into the financial planning profession.

Classes Taught

Retirement Planning (PFP 3374, 5394), Wealth Management II (PFP 3386), Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (PFP 1115), Professional Field Experience (PFP 3210/5210).

Recent Publications

Pfeiffer, Salter, & Evensky, The Benefits of a Cash Reserve Strategy in Retirement Distribution Planning.  Journal of Financial Planning (2013).

Salter, Pfeiffer, & Evensky, Standby Reverse Mortgages: A Risk Management Tool for Retirement Distributions. Journal of Financial Planning (2012).

Salter, Hampton, Winchester, Katz & Evensky. Entry level financial planning practice analysis: Preparing students to hit the ground running,Financial Services Review. (2011)

Salter, Harness, & Chatterjee, Value of financial advisors to retirees, Journal of Financial Services Professionals (2011).

Chatterjee, Salter, & Harness, Financial confidence among retirees: The role of financial advice and planning duration, Economics Bulletin(2011).

Salter, Harness & Chatterjee, How retirees pay for current and future long-term care expenses, Journal of Financial Services Professionals(2011).

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