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Wine Business Certificate Program

The Wine Business Certificate program offered by the Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute is designed for non-traditional students seeking to develop job skills, advance their careers, or make a career change. Although these classes do not carry academic credit, the coursework is rigorous and demanding in terms of time and content. Courses are offered in asynchronous online environment, which is the ideal learning solution for people with busy schedules. Despite the asynchronous mode, there is plenty of interaction and collaborative activities with peers and the instructor no matter which time zone you are in.

The Wine Business Certificate course is designed to complement the Viticulture Certificate Program and the Winemaking Certificate Program. The program will initially offer five courses that provide a comprehensive knowledge of sales and marketing wine in both the Direct to Consumer (DTC) and wholesale arenas.

The online certificate program in Wine Business focuses on key areas in the wine industry including:

  • Wine Industry finance, accounting, and management
  • Wine commerce and trade
  • Wine sales and marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Regulatory issues

Course Overview and Structure

The Wine Business Certificate consists of a total of 6 courses. Classes are offered in 10-week blocks. Upon completion of each course, students are awarded 3 continuing education units (CEU).

Eighteen continuing education units (CEUs) must be completed for the Professional Certificate in Wine Business to be awarded. This program is offered on a course by course basis. Courses may also be taken on an individual basis without the intention of completing the full certificate program.

Spring 2021 Courses

Wine Distribution Management

Course Overview

Course semester instruction mode
The Fundamentals of Wine Business

Course Overview

The 'Fundamentals of Wine Business' course is designed for an advanced understanding of basic marketing principles as they apply to the wine industry. Topics include the current trends in the industry, branding strategies, digital marketing, the value of the story, tips for converting visitors to customers. Whether you are a current winery owner, a wine entrepreneur, a winemaker or viticulturist, a tasting room employee, a wine event manager, or a prospective winery owner/ employee, this course is designed to provide the knowledge and business acumen necessary to grow your career in the wine business.

Fall Online
Financial Accounting for Wineries

Course Overview

Through lectures, facilitated discussions, and written assignments the student who successfully completes this course will gain a better understanding of:

Major Types of Business Entities and Making a Choice, Differences between Financial, Managerial/Cost, and Tax Accounting, Accrual vs. Cash Basis of Accounting, Investing vs. Borrowing Capital, Some Key Concepts of Financial Accounting Information (& Why They're Used), Keeping Strategic Business Units Separate for Wine Business Operations, Defining the Primary Financial Statements, Content of the Balance Sheet, Content of the Income Statement (including Types of Tax Expenses), Content of the Statement of Cash Flows, Relationships among the Financial Statements, Analyzing Financial Statement Information, Communicating with Bankers (or Other Investors)

Fall Online
Wine Distribution Management

Course Overview

Students will dive into this dynamic course for a comprehensive look at key business aspects of wine distribution in the United States. The wine business is ever-changing and dynamic, and this course will cover the basics as well as current trends and challenges. The course is appropriate for winery principals who need to be familiar with the many facets to consider for distributing wine in one or more states. Winemakers or viticulturists wishing to build their knowledge of wine distribution and unique challenges can also benefit. The course will also suit novices looking to enter the wine business, or any wine professional looking to understand how wine flows from a winery to a restaurant or retail shelf.

Spring Online
Managerial Accounting for Wineries

Course Overview

Through lectures, facilitated discussions, and written assignments the student who successfully completes this course will gain a better understanding of:

Differences between Cost and Managerial Accounting, Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts for Wine-related Operations, Cost of Goods Manufactured vs. Cost of Goods Sold, Calculating Inventory Cost (including Allocation of Manufacturing Overhead Cost), Allocating, Common Costs in Winemaking Operations, Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis, Budgeting, Variance Computation and Analysis, Making Capital Investment Decisions, Measuring Wine Business Performance

Spring Online
Tasting Room Operations

Course Overview

This course will explore all aspects of managing a winery tasting room. It will cover topics such as tasting room "look and feel," merchandising, customer service, customer relationships, sales opportunities, sensory evaluation, staff training and the importance of leadership. The focus will be on customer service, customer engagement, and sales opportunities.

TBD Online
Wine Law / Compliance TBD Online




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