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Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute

Study Wine Marketing at Texas Tech

If you are interested in studying different aspects of wine business, Texas Tech University offers several opportunities to enhance your knowledge about wine and prepare you for a career in the wine industry.

Although Texas Tech does not offer a complete “wine degree” you can study wine in the Hospitality program. The following wine-related courses are offered for Hospitality majors:

  • Graduate:
    • RHIM 5345 Advanced Wine Tourism and Marketing
      • 3 Semester Credit Hours
      • An in-depth study of marketing and tourism in the wine industry. Wine products, brand development, and promotion are addressed.

At the graduate level, graduate students in the hospitality program may choose to conduct research on wine business topics. Texas Tech offers both an M.S. and Ph.D. hospitality program.

For wine-related theses or dissertations, the Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute may offer financial support to outstanding graduate students. Students first need to be admitted to the hospitality graduate program. In order to be considered for assistantship from the Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute, applicants must contact Dr. Natalia Velikova. Applicants must submit a brief proposal for research related to a wine business topic.

For further details on hospitality graduate programs, please refer to:

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