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Forensic Training Programs

Scheduled Training

Class Instructor Location Additional Information Hours/Credit DateCost Registration
ADAPT Mike Hopper Institute Topics covered include underage substance abuse, drug facilitated sexual assault, detecting fake ID's and more. Event 4580. 8 TCOLE Hours December 18, 2017FREE Register for this class
Executive Leadership FBI-LEEDA Institute Law Enforcement only. This course is part of a series of 3 courses. The student will receive the Trilogy Award upon completing the 3 courses. 40 TCOLE Hours January 22-26, 2018$650.00 Register for this class
Focus on Reducing Impaired Driving Among Youth (FRIDAY) Gary Teeler Institute Mission is to reduce underage impaired driving and substance abuse through training law enforcement and those who work with juveniles 8 TCOLE Hours April 3, 2018FREE Register for this class
Human Trafficking Gary Teeler Institute Provide training and resources to LE to allow for consistent and effective response to victims of human trafficking. 8 TCOLE Hours April 4, 2018FREE Register for this class
Advanced Collision Investigation TBD Institute Experienced crash investigators enhance level of understanding of collision investigation. Learn new formulas and skills to better evaluate and investigate accidents. 80 TCOLE Hours April 9-20, 2018$750.00 Register for this class
SFST Recert/Blood Warrants SGT Mark Vincent/Stephen Burres Institute LE ONLY. SFST recertification. Blood Warrant searches, case law updates and in-car and officer body worn camera systems updates. 8 TCOLE Hours November 12, 2018Free Register for this class


Training Classes are from 8:00 - 5:00 unless otherwise noted

Seating is limited to 32 at the Lubbock facility 

Some instructors may limit class size to smaller groups


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