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IMMAP Resources

IMMAP has a number of resources available to TTU staff and students. Some of these are freely available, like catalogs of video presentations. Some others are by arrangement with the IMMAP staff. If you are interested in utilizing IMMAP resources, please send us an email.

Technological Resources


For computation and memory intensive jobs that are not suitable for the TTU High Performance Computing Center because of interactivity or length of run, IMMAP has a Windows OS internal server (HAWLEY) with 14 processors and 256gb of memory. IMMAP personnel are able to access HAWLEY via RemoteDesktop connection for completion of client work or for IMMAP research projects.

TechStat Servers

TechStat is a system of standalone computers that can be accessed over the TTU network to deliver state-of-the-art statistical software applications for Texas Tech staff, students, and IMMAP personnel.

More information on TechStat 


PCAux is an R package that uses the Principal Component Auxiliary Variable method - developed by Howard, Rhemtulla, and Little (2015) - to extract auxiliary variables from large datasets to use in missing data treatments.

More information on PCAux 

Educational Resources

IMMAP Mediasite Catalog

A catalog of IMMAP mediasite presentations are available to TTU students, faculty and staff and require eRaider authentication. Access this catalog through Mediasite.


When public video content is available, it can be found in the IMMAP Video Catalog 


There is a list of publicly available presentations generated by IMMAP staff.

IMMAP Presentations


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