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TTU to send delegation to the Model United Nations conference in April

In April, 2016, Texas Tech University will send its second delegation to the Model United Nations conference. Tech's delegation will attend the Model United Nations of the Far West in San Francisco. This follows its successful November, 2015 participation in the Southern Regional Model United Nations in Atlanta, Georgia.

In San Francisco, Texas Tech will represent two countries, Portugal and Poland, fielding about 20 student delegates. The conference theme is "Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals." Texas Tech students will pursue this theme in the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the Commission on Population and Development.

Student delegates to SRMUN in Atlanta unanimously expressed support for MUN. One student commented, "Organizations such as Model United Nations are needed in our day and age to teach students, the future leaders of our country, about how to be a citizen of the world and how to communicate their thoughts and ideas to others." As a member of Texas Tech's delegation, the student reported that she joined "passionate individuals with a thirst for knowledge, and an ability to represent TTU as the brilliant institution it is." Another delegate said, "I believe I gained a better knowledge of the UN and other nations from this conference," and "I hope the club will continue to attend conferences and gain a better knowledge of how the UN operates." A past and current member of the delegation noted, "Participation at this conference allowed me to have first hand experience on how international policy is devised and negotiated," and that MUN enhanced "the ability to refine my public speaking skills."

Participation in MUN affords students unique insight into the workings of the world's most important international organization, the realities of world politics, and the difficulty of arriving at common solutions to common problems. In addition, MUN furthers student acquisition of important skills through active learning of public speaking, collaborative writing, teamwork, and the political and ethical dimensions of global issues.

Students interested in Model United Nations at Texas Tech can contact Dr. John Barkdull john.barkdull@ttu.edu

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