Texas Tech University

Special Seminar

Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut Research - Increasing global food security through peanuts

Dave Hoisington
Director, Peanut Research and Innovation Labs
Senior Research Scientist, Crop and Soil Sciences
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences University of Georgia

March 28, 2018 (Wednesday), 3:00 to 4:00 PM
International Cultural Center, ICC105

For Information, please contact Dr. Venugopal Mendu at 806-834-6327 or venugopal.mendu@ttu.edu


The University of Georgia was recently awarded a $14 million, five-year cooperative agreement with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to manage the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut Research (Peanut Lab), a global peanut research program that works to alleviate hunger by helping farmers in developing countries to grow peanut, a bountiful, nutritious crop that has the potential to help fight global hunger and poverty. Drawing on the expertise of top U.S. universities and developing countries' own research institutions, the Feed the Future innovation labs tackle some of the world's greatest challenges in agriculture and food security. The new Peanut Lab plans to build on many of the successes of the previous Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab by developing new varieties and focusing on pre and postharvest management, and will also work on new research projects in the areas of peanut-based nutrition, gender and youth. The Peanut Lab is a portfolio of collaborative projects involving researchers at universities and public and private institutions in the U.S. and partner institutions abroad. The goals, objectives and plans for a call for proposals will be discussed.

Department of Plant and Soild Science

Office of International Affairs