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Global Vision Awards Ceremony

"The Global Vision awards are exactly what the title says," explains Ambassador Tibor Nagy, Vice Provost for International Affairs. "It is recognition to Texas Tech faculty and staff who have undertaken extraordinary efforts to expand our global engagement and the university's global image. While we have achieved milestones this year, we hope for even greater achievements in the next academic year."

The Global Vision Award categories, and this year's winners, are as follows:

Award Winner
Student International Research Award Cristina Ríos-Blanco
Global Engagement Community Award Breedlove Foods, Inc.
TTU International Alumni Award Dr. Rogelio Carrera
The Donald R. Haragan Study Abroad Award Dr. Linda Donahue
The Faculty International Scholarship Award Dr. Paul Paré and Dr. David Weindorf
Global Vision Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. John Masselli
Campus Internationalization Award Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering

The Global Vision Awards were first given in 2003 and have expanded since the beginning. The ceremony was a part of International Week that provided a weeklong celebration of different cultures from around the world.

Along with the Global Vision Awards, Texas Tech's Office of International Affairs hosted several events during International Week, including exhibits, forums, film viewings, lectures and activities for students to teach and celebrate different cultures around the world.

If you would like to see more photos from the awards ceremony, please click International Center Awards (If prompted, enter this password: GVLA)

Global Vision Award