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The Texas Tech Global Bridge allows international undergraduate (UG) students to complete their bachelor's degree, earn a Graduate (GR) Certificate, and accelerate their graduate degree program at TTU!


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    International university partner nominates undergraduate students within 1 semester of completing bachelor's degree.

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    Qualified students admitted into the Global Bridge Graduate Certificate Program.

    • Enrolled in 12 hours during certificate semester.
      • 9 hours of graduate courses in chosen field of study and 3 hours in American culture, education, and communication.
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    Office of International Affairs advises students.

    Includes help preparing students' official applications for TTU Graduate School for those students who complete the program and decide to apply.

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    Students pay out-of-state tuition and fees and all other expenses (living, health insurance, books, etc.).

  • 5

    Upon successful completion of Global Bridge Certificate Program, home institution awards bachelor's degree.

    • Students receive Global Bridge Certificate and apply to TTU Graduate School.
    • If admitted, up to 9 certificate hours will apply toward a TTU Graduate Program, thereby accelerating completion of graduate degree.
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For additional information, please contact Michael Johnson or Kimberly Cappillino


Global Bridge Program