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Lubbock Geography and Weather

Lubbock located in the North West part of the State of Texas is situated on the Llano Estacado, at an elevation of 3,202 ft (976 meters). The city hosts a population of 318,679 people (2020). Lubbock is known as the "Hub City", because it is the economic, educational, and health-care hub of the multi-county region. Lubbock is the county chair of Lubbock County and is the biggest city in the South Plains of Texas. 

 Lubbock skyline 


Lubbock is located on the Llano Estacado, one of the largest mesas in North America, that extends into Northwestern Texas and Eastern New Mexico. The Llano Estacado is located on the southern end of the Western High Plains an eco-region of the North American Great Plains. Llano Estacado is a Spanish term that loosely translates as "Staked plains". It was named by early Spanish explores who came through the region in 1541.

Llano estacado The Llano Estacado Mesa

The Llano Estacado is a flat, featureless grassland. Outside of developed areas, common plants are cactus, mesquite trees, plains cottonwood, and several types of short grasses. The soil, climate and lack of trees made this area great for agriculture. Due to low precipitation farmers and towns rely primarily on underground water sources, such as the Ogalala aquifer. 

Map of the llano

Agriculture and Industry

 Crops grown on the South Plains include: cotton, wheat, sunflowers, peanuts, sorghum, grapes (for wine), and corn. 

Major Industries include, health care, agriculture, education, manufacturing and research. 

Cotton Field famer and cotton


Lubbock has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and mild winters. Lubbock is a windy city. Winds can vary from a breeze to high winds, that can produce dust storms, these are most common during the winter and spring months. 

Precipitation: There is very little rain on the South Plains, which makes for a dry climate with little to no humidity. The rainiest times being in the Spring and Summer. Lubbock averages 19 inches (483 mm) of precipitation per year. While snow if uncommon it you might be lucky enough to experience a bit of snow in the winter. The average snowfall on the South Plains is 9 inches.    

Summer Average Temperature: 89.3F (31.6C) It is not uncommon for temperatures to reach up to 100F (38C). 

Fall Average Temperature: 75F (24C)

Winter Average Temperature:57F (14C) While snow is uncommon, there is still a chance of it during the winter months. Be sure to bring some warm clothes for the winter months. The first freeze of the year typically begins in October. The last freeze of the year is generally in April. 

Spring Average Temperature: 75F (24F) 

texas storm


Local Weather Channels: 

Many local news stations have apps you can download on your phone to help you keep track of the local weather. 



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