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SIM Cards

Need a US SIM card? Stop by our office at your earliest convenience to nab one from the front desk, your F-1 counselor or the ISL team. Check out our SIM card partner, Campus SIMS!

Airport Pickup

Lubbock airport

Texas Tech and the Lubbock community would like to welcome you to your new home away from home. West Texas is known for "Strong Hospitality" and we would like to show you what that means from your first moments. Tech has partnered with the Tech community and the Lubbock community to offer you a free airport pickup service. We are offering to pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your destination. You must be arriving in August. If you are interested in being a part of this program, please click the red button and fill the arrival form.

Airport pickup has ended for 2021! We would like to thank all of our volunteers who make this amazing program possible every year! Airport Pick will resume for the Spring Semester. Dates will be released closer to the start of Spring 2022. Thank you. 

Pickup Dates: TBD Spring 2022

Click button to sign up for aiport pickup program

Airport Pickup Volunteers

If you are interested in being a Pickup Volunteer, please fill out the form by clicking the red button below. More information is on the top of the Form. We will also contact you when we receive your information. Thank you for being a positive impact on our international students.



International Undergraduate Orientation Fall 2021

Beth Mora at Orientation 2019

August 18th & 19th, 2021

Day 1: Orientation, 8:50-1:00 PM @ the International Cultural Center (601 Indiana Ave.)

Day 2: Campus Familiarization Scavenger Hunt, 11:00 AM to ~12:30 PM, starting at Memorial Circle 

International Orientation is designed to answer questions unique to you as an international student. The Office of International Affairs has created this orientation, designed with you in mind, to help you through your transition to Texas Tech and the culture of West Texas. Professionals that know what you are about to go through will guide and expose you to people, programs, groups, materials and resources that will help you achieve great success as a student here at Texas Tech University! Day Two is designed to connect you to your peers while getting to know campus in an active way, and led by our Global Guides team! 

In Orientation we will provide insight into:

  • Health Care & Insurance
  • Risk-Intervention & Safety Intervention
  • Immigration
  • Campus Life & how to thrive

On the Campus Familiarization Scavenger Hunt, you will:

  • Engage in person with Global Guides and new peers (while social-distancing and wearing a mask)
  • Visit important and interesting sites around campus 
  • Learn about the numerous resources available around campus designed to help you THRIVE mentally, physically, academically, financially, emotionally and socially!  


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Connections for Short-Term Accommodation 

If you are arriving before dorm move in day, August 11th, make sure you have made accommodation plans. Book a hotel or Airbnb now as such spaces are often booked  near the start of the semester, especially those close campus. 

We have created a Facebook Forum for students to use to look for roommates to share temporary accommodations.

Please use this Facebook group as an opportunity to find roommates while you are waiting to move into your dorms or apartments. Sharing accommodations can help decrease your cost. 

Facebook group button

*Disclaimer- Please always use caution when meeting anyone from online in person. For tips and to learn more click here. 

Global Guides Peer Mentor Program

Global Guides 2019

F-1 Undergraduate students new to Texas Tech will be assigned a Global Guide to help you transition into life here in Lubbock. These Global Guides are fellow students, who have been where you are, and want to help connect you to community, and generally be a friend and helper to you as you settle here in Lubbock. They will help out at our International Student Orientation, they will assist with dorm move in, they will be inviting you to go to different welcome events on-campus, and more! Take advantage of their expertise!

Texas Tech Global Guides Program 

Global Guide Advice for Incoming International Students



Please see the FAQ's page.