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International Research Funding Alert January 2021


International Research & Development Seed Grants: 2021 Call for Proposals

The International Research and Development Division of the Office of International Affairs is pleased to announce the 2021 call for International Research & Development Seed Grants proposals. This program is designed to provide seed funds to support faculty in the process of planning and organizing preliminary international research and efforts that are interdisciplinary and multi-institutional. Research and Development grants are expected to lead to externally-funded projects and are generally limited to $2,000 or less. Funds available include $25,000 to support TTU faculty in all fields of knowledge, including those related to the mission of the International Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Land Studies (ICASALS). All questions related to this call for proposals must be directed to Ms. Laura Bilbao, Associate Director for International Programs, Office of International Affairs, at laura.bilbao@ttu.edu.

The closing date for proposal submissions is February 19, 2021.


Title:2021 Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship, Fall Release
Sponsor:U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service
Deadline:February 1, 2021
Summary:USDA will place pre-identified international Participants with a background on different themes related to international agricultural trade. The participants will travel to the U.S. to be placed with domestic research institutions for 10-12-week intensive programs. These programs are expected to contribute to the strategic goals and objectives of the Participant and the institutions through a hands-on experience in a “real-world” agricultural research scenario, providing opportunity for application of research agendas where they can have a direct impact on food security and economic growth in an emerging economy. It is hoped that host institutions will share the knowledge gained through the program in their classroom and extension work with their faculty, students, extension officers, and constituents; and that they will continue to maintain professional contacts with the Participants after their departure from the United States.
Title:2020 Mexico-U.S. Innovation Fund Competition
Sponsor:100,000 Strong in the Americas
Deadline:February 15, 2021
Summary:The 2020 Mexico-United States Innovation Fund Competition supports higher education partnerships between institutions in Mexico and the U.S. to create new academic training and exchange programs for students in both countries. Academic exchange to include the themes of Public Health, Distance/Virtual Education, Biochemistry, Green/Renewable Energy Economic Empowerment of Young People, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Construction, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
Title:Social Drivers of Mental Illnesses in Low- & Middle-Income Countries: Mechanisms and Pathways of Interventions for Youth (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)
Deadline:Letter of Intent Due February 18, Application Due March 18
Summary:The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to solicit research that will help to identify and explain the mechanisms and pathways by which interventions targeting social drivers of mental illnesses affect the mental health and functioning of children and/or adolescents (ages 5-24 years) living in World Bank designated low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and previously designated LMICs re-categorized as high income on or after January 1, 2021. Studies should use innovative approaches to capture as much real-world complexity as possible in identifying and elucidating mechanisms and pathways that reduce risk for mental illnesses or improve mental health in children and/or adolescents. NIMH welcomes applicants from LMICs and strongly encourages applicants from the United States or upper middle income countries to partner with sites in LMICs.
Title:Ethical and Responsible Research (ER2)
Sponsor:National Science Foundation
Deadline:February 22, 2021
Summary:Ethical and Responsible Research (ER2) funds research projects that identify (1) factors that are effective in the formation of ethical STEM researchers and (2) approaches to developing those factors in all STEM fields that NSF supports. Factors one might consider include: honor codes, professional ethics codes and licensing requirements, an ethic of service and/or service learning, life-long learning requirements, curricula or memberships in organizations that stress responsible conduct for research, institutions that serve under-represented groups, institutions where academic and research integrity are cultivated at multiple levels, institutions that cultivate ethics across the curriculum, or programs that promote group work, or do not grade. Proposals including international collaborations are encouraged when those efforts enhance the merit of the proposed work by incorporating unique resources, expertise, facilities or sites of international partners. If possible, the U.S. team's international counterparts should obtain funding through other sources.
Title:The Thomas Jefferson Fund
Sponsor:The Face Foundation
Deadline:February 24, 2021
Location:U.S. & France
Summary:The Thomas Jefferson Fund provides a unique framework to enable promising and innovative projects to reach their full potential and enrich French-American research collaborations. The Fund aims to encourage cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research projects of the highest quality and especially seeks to support emerging collaborations involving a team of younger researchers from both countries. Grants will be awarded per funding cycle in each of the following fields: Humanities and Social Sciences (SSH), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and Sciences for Society (interdisciplinary STEM-SSH projects).
Title:Smart Farming Innovation for Small-Scale Producers
Sponsor:Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Deadline:February 25, 2021
Location:U.S., LMICs
Amount:$250,000 for Seed Grants; $1,500,000 for Scale-Up Grants
Summary:Smart Farming Innovations for Small-Scale Producers Request for Proposals seeks Smart Farming solutions that leverage digital technology innovations that have the potential to drive positive impact for small scale producer (SSP) entrepreneurs delivered through bundled farmer services and enabled by scalable digital and data platforms. Solutions should address one or more challenges faced by small scale crop and livestock producers in one or more areas of agricultural advisory, farm management decision support, input supply, finance, insurance, market access and linkages. Solutions should use human-centered design to elucidate the barriers that prevent SSPs from improving productivity, profitability and income – then propose Smart Farming solutions that can help elevate small scale production entrepreneurs.
Title:Higher Education and STEM Virtual Grant Program
Sponsor:U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Canada
Deadline:March 1, 2021; multiple deadlines
Location:U.S., Canada
Summary:The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Canada, U.S. Department of State, announces an open competition for individuals and organizations to submit applications to carry out virtual programs to strengthen bilateral ties between the United States and Canada on Higher Education and STEM. All programs must include a U.S. element or connection with U.S. experts that will promote increased understanding of U.S. policy and perspectives. Speakers must hold U.S. citizenship. Activities to be proposed include: Professional and academic virtual speaker programs, lectures, and seminars, virtual exchanges, virtual cultural workshops, virtual joint performances, and virtual exhibitions.
Title:The U.S.-Colombia Grant Competition for 21st Century Higher Education Partnerships
Sponsor:100,000 Strong in the Americas
Deadline:March 15, 2021
Summary:The U.S.-Colombia Grant Competition for 21st Century Higher Education Partnerships is designed to support dynamic partnerships between Colombian and United States higher education institutions to work in teams to provide new models of academic training programs for students in multiple academic areas. The intent of this program is to award up to ten (10) Innovation Fund Grants. Focus themes include, but are not limited to, convergent technologies, oceanography and hydrobiological resources, sustainable energy, creative and cultural industries, social, life, and health sciences, biotechnology, bioeconomics, and environment, public health, distance education, among others.
Title:Higher Education Challenge (HEC) Grants Program
Deadline:March 18, 2021
Amount:$30,000 - $750,000
Summary:The purpose of HEC is to strengthen institutional capacities, including curriculum, faculty, scientific instrumentation, instruction delivery systems, and student recruitment and retention, to respond to identified State, regional, national, or international educational needs in the food and agricultural sciences, or in rural economic, community, and business development. Projects supported by the Higher Education Challenge Grants Program will: (1) address a state, regional, national, or international educational need; (2) involve a creative or non-traditional approach toward addressing that need that can serve as a model to others; (3) encourage and facilitate better working relationships in the university science and education community, as well as between universities and the private sector, to enhance program quality and supplement available resources; and (4) result in benefits that will likely transcend the project duration and USDA support.
Title:Higher Education for Leadership, Innovation, and Exchange (HELIX)
Sponsor:United States Agency for International Development
Deadline:April 2, 2021; concept papers
Amount:See solicitation for details
Summary:USAID in partnership with Mission(s), Bureaus, and Independent Offices from across the Agency, through this Higher Education for Leadership, Innovation, and Exchange (HELIX) Annual Program Statement (APS) aims to improve partner country higher education individual, institutional, and organizational capacity for change by supporting opportunities for partnerships, scholarships, exchanges, fellowships, internships, apprenticeships, work-based learning, research, communities of practice, and other relevant forms of capacity development and change management. The request for concept notes will be published in the Spring of 2021. Based on the submitted Concept Note(s), USAID will determine whether to request a Full Application from an eligible organization. To be competitive under an addendum to this umbrella APS, Concept Notes and Full Applications must be fully responsive to all directions under this APS except when specifically noted otherwise in the addendum.