Texas Tech University

2023 International Research and Development Seed Grants

Due March 18, 2023

Proposal Guidelines

  1. Use the application template below to apply.
  2. Identify at least one RFP that the supported work will allow you to apply for within the following year. RFPs for any sum will be acceptable, depending on the standards within the applicant's field. Work with TTU IA's International Grants and Partnerships unit to develop and submit the grant proposal.
  3. Funds must be transferred to departmental accounts and expended within twelve months of receipt of funds.
  4. Submit proposals electronically to Reagan Ribordy at reagan.ribordy@ttu.edu.
  5. Consult with the appropriate contact in your Dean's Office for any additional internal requirements/guidelines.

Application Template:

Submit electronically as PDF files to Reagan Ribordy by COB March 18, 2023, together with the signatures of the Department Chair(s) or Center Director(s).

PI Name(s):
Academic rank(s):
Academic college(s) and department(s):
Country of Interest:
Project title:
Project concept (up to 250 words):

Funds requested (up to $2,000):  (Provide a detailed budget with breakdown of expenses. Acceptable expenses include, travel to visit team members, attendance at a grant writing workshop, visit with potential funding agency, hiring a grant writer, etc.)

RFP name, funding agency, deadline, and amount (attach a copy of the RFP, if possible):
Signatures of TTU collaborators (if applicable):
Signature of supervisors (chair/director):

Final Reporting (Due at End of Project Period)

Submit electronically to Michael Johnson (michael.johnson@ttu.edu) by COB, March 18, 2024

Project title:
Collaborating entities:

How did you spend the funds you received from us (up to 100 words describing major expenses):

Progress made on proposal submission (Up to 250 words):