Texas Tech University

Global Leadership Certificate Program

International Student Advisory Board

This program gives international students the opportunity to engage in campus leadership and to help shape the future direction of TTU's global vision. The Office of International Affairs is searching for the future leaders of global development from the international student body at TTU. The Office will select only a few individuals to be a part of this program and to serve on the International Student Advisory Board.

The Advisor Board will meet for a monthly lunch provided by the Office of Int'l Affairs. There the Advisory Board will discuss how to improve international student life and help shape the global vision for TTU. Upon the completion of this annual program, participants will be awarded the Global Leadership Certificate.

To be considered for this opportunity to build your leadership skills and resume, please fill out an application by clicking on the link below. You will also be asked to submit a resume with this application. For more information about this program, please email your questions to chris.lemmons@ttu.edu


The Global Leadership Certificate Program (GLCP) was created to develop student leaders from the international student body at Texas Tech University. The participants in the GLCP program will be members of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB). Participants will also develop leadership through volunteer opportunities and assessment projects. The main objective of the Advisory Board is for its members to take part in identifying, assessing, and recommending areas of improvement for international services. From these recommendations, Texas Tech University and the Office of International Affairs can recognize and take transformative action to improve international services and student life at Texas Tech.


GLCP Participants will be required to attend monthly luncheons, each semester, to collectively discuss areas of focus, assessment projects, volunteer opportunities, and to listen to guest speakers.
Participants will volunteer for at least two events each semester which have a global or international focus. The events must be pre-approved by the GLCP adviser to fulfill this requirement of the Certification.
Each participant will choose an area of interest to conduct an assessment and report the findings of the assessment to Texas Tech Administrators. The assessment must focus on some aspect of international student life at Texas Tech University. This assessment project will take place over the course of one academic year.
Once all the requirements of this program are met, the participants shall be awarded the Global Leadership Certification sponsored by the TTU Office of International Affairs.

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