Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University sees a 22% increase in international students.

According to figures provided by the University's Institutional Research, Texas Tech has just recorded the largest number of international students in the history of the school. The Fall 2014 enrollment of non-resident aliens at Texas Tech University is recorded at 2,804 -- an increase of 513, or 22% over Fall 2013. This represents approximately an equal percentage increase in both undergraduate and graduate international students. The greatest number of international students are from India and China.


Dr. Sukant Misra, Associate Vice Provost for International Programs, notes, "We are delighted to see this unprecedented increase in our international student body at Texas Tech University. International students serve as bridges between their origin and destination communities, acting as conduits for knowledge transfer and valuable economic linkages, and help in increasing diversity and globalizing our campus."

Ambassador Tibor Nagy, Vice Provost for International Affairs, adds a historical perspective, "We have been saying for years that TTU should have double the international students it has. Finally, the stars are aligning in a good way: several years of aggressive international recruiting; growing global awareness of TTU's attractions; and an upper administration which is making global engagement a top priority are all combining to dramatically increase our international numbers. Our entire international team is dedicated to seeing additional growth year to year until TTU's numbers match or exceed our most globally active competitors."