Texas Tech University

Two OIA staff members have accepted important volunteer appointments for NAFSA

Association of International Educators

Dawn Cepica, International Faculty Lead Counselor, has accepted a 2-year NAFSA volunteer appointment as Workshop Dean for Basics of Filing Academic H-1B Petitions. Victoria Qin, International Student Recruiter, has accepted a 2-year NAFSA volunteer position under the International Enrollment Management Community (IEM) as their new Information Management Coordinator.

Dawn's two-year appointment includes the following functions and responsibilities:

Position: Trainer Corps Core Education Program Workshop Dean for Basics of Filing Academic H-1B Petitions
Term Dates: December 1, 2014-November 30, 2016


Description: The CEP workshop dean is responsible for ensuring that their assigned Core
Education Program (CEP) workshop materials are accurate, up to date, meet the needs of adult
learners, and are of high quality. Each CEP workshop has a set of curriculum materials including
a trainer guide, participant workbook, accompanying visuals and web resource page. Workshop
deans also serve as a resource for training teams delivering the curriculum throughout the year to
ensure effective, consistent, and professional delivery across training venues.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Review and analyze the participant workshop evaluations and trainer curriculum feedback in
    order to determine necessary curriculum updates.
  • Inform workshop dean mentor of curriculum update priorities and collaborate on a short-term
    and long-term plan of action.
  • Update workshop curriculum and materials throughout the year and have revised curriculum
    ready for Lead Trainers in time for Annual and Regional Conferences, including:
    • Trainer guide
    • Participant workbook
    • Accompanying visuals including PowerPoint
    • Web based resource page for participants
  • Solicit or encourage other Trainer Corps members to assist with reading and revising
    curriculum as necessary and appropriate.
  • Collaborate with NAFSA staff to ensure updates are made accurately.
  • Participate in a virtual orientation and regular conference calls/(virtual) meetings as
  • Promote the value of Trainer Corps and NAFSA's Core Education Program.
  • Observe their CEP workshop during delivery.
  • Provide guidance to CEP training teams on curriculum delivery.
  • Participate in more extensive curriculum design or refresh projects. 

Victoria's two-year appointment as Information Management Coordinator includes
the following duties and functions:

Position: Subcommittee on Information Management (SIM) Coordinator
Committee: International Enrollment Management Knowledge Community (IEM KC)
Term Dates: January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2016


Committee Overview
The IEM KC provides professional development opportunities, programs and resources for those in the
fields of admissions, credential evaluation, marketing and recruitment, overseas educational advising,
intensive English programs, and sponsored program administration.

Position Overview
The IEM representative on SIM is a key liaison between the IEM team and NAFSA's Publications
department. This person assists Publications with IEM-related content and works to ensure IEM
professional development resources are included in Publications materials.

Major Functions

  • Serve as the IEM representative on SIM. SIM is charged with developing and updating NAFSA
    publications. Learn more about NAFSA publications here: www.nafsa.org/publications.
  • Assist SIM to identify editors, authors, and writers.
  • Work collaboratively with the IEM KC national team on the development and publication of both
    paper and web-based documents (electronic newsletters, manuals, books, etc.) in the areas of
    admissions, credential evaluation, recruitment, overseas advising, sponsored students, and English
    language training and administration.
  • Participate in the review of existing NAFSA publications for IEM and determine those that need
  • Propose new publication ideas to the IEM national team for approval in conjunction with SIM.
  • In accordance with member needs and the Strategic Plan, recommends publication priorities and
    needed resources to IEM leadership for inclusion in the annual IEM work plan.
  • Report on SIM activities to the chair.
  • Attends training events in Washington, D.C.
  • Attends IEM and SIM events and meetings at NAFSA's annual conference.