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Award-winning book by Ambassador Nagy and Ambassador Engle

Managing Overseas Operations: Kiss Your Latte Goodbye, a book on international management by Tibor Nagy and Greg Engle, won the Paris Book Festival Award for non-fiction. Ambassador Nagy is Vice Provost of International Affairs at Texas Tech University. Ambassador Engle is currently serving as Peace Corps Country Director in Ethiopia.

The review in Foreign Service Journal notes that the “co-authors of this book are two of the most accomplished management officers the Foreign Service Office has ever produced.” Their keen observations remind us that managing cross-culturally is a very different experience than managing an organization in the United States. Not only is this an excellent resource for anyone headed for a cross-cultural experience abroad, but each of the twelve vividly written chapters will allow even the armchair tourist to feel the vicarious excitement of a foreign mission.

Written and edited by: Jane Bell
Email: jane.bell@ttu.edu

Posted date: 05/15/2014