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ISSS Director Richard Porter to Chair NAFSA Exchange Visitor Program Subcommittee

Richard Porter, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, has recently accepted the nomination for the Chair position over the NAFSA Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) Subcommittee. The position involves yearly visits to Washington DC at NAFSA's expense to meet with EVP leadership.

Committee Overview:

The Exchange Visitor Program focuses on "J" exchange visitor issues and prioritizes issues for liaison with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA).

Major Functions:

  • Maintain a current list of priority issues and trends related to regulatory and immigration concerns in the administering of the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program.
  • Conduct monthly EVP calls.
  • Participate in monthly ISS RP teleconferences and serve as the point person on ISS RP for Exchange Visitor Program-related topics, including related submissions to IssueNet's Report an Issue.
  • Review, analyze, and prioritize input from members of the subcommittee and recommend priority and provide comments to the KC ISSS representative for the Annual Conference Committee.
  • Work closely with NAFSA staff and EVP to schedule, plan, organize, and facilitate regularly scheduled actions to ISS RP and director of regulatory liaison.
  • Working as part of ISS RP, review government and regulatory-related conference session proposals liaison calls with government agencies.
  • Conduct outreach and post updates on discussion forums to keep the ISSS community informed of pressing/ongoing issues and to promote EVP's work.
  • Assist in the analysis of and comments on statutory, regulatory, and policy proposals, changes, and interpretations, as these matters affect the Exchange Visitor Program.
  • Develop appropriate working groups as needed.
  • Work with NAFSA staff to provide effective orientation to new members of EVP.

Mr. Richard Porter

Mr. Richard Porter