Texas Tech University

ICASALS awards scholarships at State Science and Engineering Fair

Every spring, the state of Texas celebrates its brightest young people, first in regional science fairs and then at the State Science and Engineering Fair in San Antonio. Texas Tech University has been awarding scholarships in several categories at some of these fairs, and Dr. Gad Perry has been doing so on behalf of ICASALS at both the regional fair in Lubbock and the state fair. The 2015 fair was held in late March, and we have some winners!

Science Fair

Our first place goes to a team of three, Justin Mirazee, James Doherty, and Anant Beechar from The Woodlands High School near Houston, who presented a project entitled "Crickets or Mealworms? Securing food security through efficient protein extractions." Concerned about the growth in the human population, especially in developing countries, they concluded that insects can provide protein comparable to conventional protein sources. They tested ways to extract and preserve protein from mealworms and crickets. Our Honorable Mention went to Maya Navar from Radford High School in El Paso, for a project entitled "Water- Water- Everywhere- But not a Drop to Drink". Concerned about lack of access to clean water, Ms. Navar tested designs for solar stills intended to purify water using solar energy. Our congratulations to the winners, who showed great concern for the plight of those less lucky than themselves, and used the scientific method to explore ways to help them.