Texas Tech University

TTU announces its first partnership with Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

This year, Texas Tech University signed an historic Letter of Intent with the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. IIT Hyderabad is one of fifteen prestigious institutes established by the Government of India and this is TTU's first partnership with these elite higher education institutes. IIT Hyderabad opened from a temporary campus in August of 2008 and will be the first among the new institutions to build its own permanent campus in Kandi Village of Medak District.

Texas Tech University takes great pride in this new partnership with hopes to establish greater collaborations of research and education with one of India's premier higher education institutions. IIT Hyderabad's short history of successes in quickly achieving prestigious ranking among top scientific and defense research institutions dates back to only 2008.

IIT Hyderbad


New infrastructure build on IIT Hyderabad's permanent campus, located in Kandi Village, Medak District

IIT Hyderabad has surpassed its competing institutions by creating a vision of innovative curriculum, setting impressive first-year student enrollment records, and providing an excellent 1:12 faculty to student ratio in the classrooms. The Institute offers an Undergraduate Program to a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Engineering, a Postgraduate Program to receive a Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Engineering, as well as Doctor of Philosophy Program (Ph.D.) applicable to Liberal Arts, Engineering, or Sciences.

This newly established partnership between TTU and Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad is a result of Dr. Sukant Misra's recent visit to India, accompanied by Dr. Mark Sheridan of the Graduate School.