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International Week at Texas Tech Highlights!

What do Pythagoras, Adolph Hitler, George Bernard Shaw, and Henry Thoreau all have in common? If you were among the teams for Jeopardy during Texas Tech's International Week, you would know they were all vegetarians!

From Sunday, October 6, through Saturday, October 12, over 800 people from across Texas Tech University and the greater Lubbock area celebrated our international communities and connections at the International Cultural Center. As only one of the many cultural events, activities and global experiences hosted by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) throughout the year, International Week brings partnerships with faculty and campus units including the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literature, the Center for Global Communications, the National Ranching Heritage Center, and International Student Life organizations to share food, images, dance, traditions, and knowledge about our world.

“International Week is a reminder that it is impossible to objectively decide which cuisine is most delicious, which craft the most complex, or which music the most beautiful. By experiencing first hand the traditions of other cultures, we truly engage in international and cultural education and expand our horizons,” says Dr. Sukant Misra, Vice Provost for International Affairs.

Opportunities for engaging other cultures and traditions included energetic live Tango music, learning to contredanse to live music, Bollywood dancing instruction, Brazilian Capoeira moves, and Karate self-defense.

For mental exercise, the week's activities included International Jeopardy game, Lotería (Mexican Bingo), learning to write your name in Japanese, Global Communications trivia quiz, and a guided tour of the National Ranching Heritage Center.

Also available were opportunities to try new taste experiences. From the hot and spicy Asian kitchens, through exquisitely staged dishes and desserts from Greece and Mexico, to African stews, and barbeques from across the globe, both the OIA Open House and the international student groups at Culture Fest helped us all to spice up our lives and taste buds.

“International Week and its diverse activities are, for many of our students and community families, a first step toward becoming wiser global citizens,” offers Dr. Joan Goodman-Williamson, Executive Director for International Relations. “We love partnering with our campus and community to bring the world to the Texas Tech campus.”

Highlight Events from the 2019 International Week

International Scholars at the National Ranching Heritage Center – All TTU Visiting International Scholars and their families were invited to share their experiences and their questions with representatives from the Office of International Affairs, and then treated to a guided tour of the quintessential experience of life in the Llano Estacado area at the TTU National Ranching Heritage Center.

Self Defense with an International Twist offered students and staff an opportunity to try firsthand the art of Karate. Taught by Master Tom Downs, a 9th degree Black belt in Karate and owner of the Texas Karate Institute here in Lubbock, the emphasis was on learning while honoring the concepts of respect, humility, perseverance and fidelity rather than aggressive behavior.

Self Defense with an International Twist

Office of International Affairs Open House – Faculty and staff from the TTU campus came together to taste international cuisine from eight restaurants across Lubbock. The food and the company would have received a Michelin rating.

Office of International Affairs Open House

Study Abroad: Faculty-led Program Destinations Photography Exhibition Reception was open to the public and highlighted how the experience of studying abroad can shape one's outlook, appreciation and understanding of how other people live, eat, work, and play. The TTU Study Abroad Office works with close to 1500 TTU students to study abroad, and more 600 Study Abroad faculty-led programs have been offered.

International Trivia Night – this was the very first International Games night – and it was a winner! More than 80 people (mostly international students) formed teams to compete in International Jeopardy, and played Lotería. The evening featured learning about places, people, music, food, literature, etc. from around the globe and a lot of laughter! Already the students have requested that we host International Games night at least once each semester.

International Trivia Night

Culture Fest– International Week wrapped up with Culture Fest. Held on Saturday from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Culture Fest brings together international students and the greater Lubbock area families to share food, crafts, and opportunities to learn more about our shared world. The event also showcases live international music and dancing. In only its second year, Culture Fest 2019 featured more than 20 activities and partners who displayed, through energetic performances and incredibly tasty cuisines, the exuberant beauty and power of our shared humanity.

Culture Fest

International Week is truly a week of Think Global … Think Texas Tech!