Texas Tech University

TTU will offer online courses for International Undergraduate and Graduate Students living abroad – Fall 2020

OIA Online Options

Texas Tech University will be offering online course work for international undergraduate and graduate students who are currently in their home countries. With visa services suspended globally due to COVID-19, it is anticipated that international students will not be able to attend face-to-face classes in Lubbock for fall. Students who are unable to secure visas or who have a visa, but are unable to travel to the US for the fall 2020 term will have the ability to enroll in online classes through distance education. Students enrolled in distance education courses (fully online) are being given the option to study from their home country at a reduced cost comparable to in-state tuition. Please consult TTU Student Business Services' Tuition & Fee Estimator for additional information on tuition and fees. Core courses will be offered in asynchronous formats, where possible, for easy access across time zones. Please contact your academic advisors for availability of online classes through distance learning and assistance in identifying asynchronous courses.

Staff of the Office of International Affairs and the Graduate School are available to assist through the distance education admission process. For additional information and/or assistance, please contact the Office of International Affairs at 806-742-3667 (international.admissions@ttu.edu) or the Graduate School at 806-742-2011 (graduate.admissions@ttu.edu).