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Texas Tech University sees a 22% increase in international students

According to figures provided by the University's Institutional Research, Texas Tech has just recorded the largest number of international students in the history of the school. The Fall 2014 enrollment of non-resident aliens at Texas Tech University is recorded at 2,804 -- an increase of 513, or 22% over Fall 2014. This represents approximately an equal percentage increase in both undergraduate and graduate international students. The greatest number of international students are from India and China. More >>

One Stop Service for International Undergraduate Students

On Monday, October 6, the Office of International Affairs assumed responsibility for admitting international undergraduate students. Previously housed in the Graduate School, the International Undergraduate Admissions unit is now part of the International Education and Enrollment Management division in the Office of International Affairs. The Graduate School continues to process applications for international students interested in pursuing a graduate degree at Texas Tech University. More >>

Helping International Students Thrive at Texas Tech

The TTU Office of International Affairs has established a unit dedicated to focusing on retention issues and providing a unique, internationalized slate of student life programming and services for international students. At many universities, international services are lumped into a single unit of employees whose primary focus is immigration compliance. This approach leaves much to be desired in terms of retentive programming and services. More >>

On-site Recruiters Target Students from Strategic Countries

Supporting the university's strategic plan of expanding recruiting efforts throughout South and Central America, China, India, and Korea, the Office of International Affairs recently signed contracts with two organizations to recruit students in Brazil and India. Daquiprafora (DQP) in Brazil and The Institute of Management and Foreign Studies (IMFS) in India are the first on-site recruiters contracted to bring international students to Texas Tech. More >>

OIA Hosts BSMP Workshop

The Office of International Affairs sponsored a workshop on Dec. 2 in the International Cultural Center's Hall of Nations to familiarize TTU faculty about the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP). The BSMP is a shared effort sponsored by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Building on the success of BSMP's first phase, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has promised an additional 100,000 scholarships to focus on the training of students and researchers abroad. Texas Tech University is designated as a host U.S. university for this major initiative sponsored by the Brazilian government. More >>

An Appeal
Ambassador Nagy

Acquiring a welldeveloped global perspective is one of the most valuable assets in today's complex and interconnected global marketplace.

believe that all students should have access to the advantages that a global education confers.

Some of our international students will, at some point in their education, experience profound financial need. The geopolitical reasons might be complicated, but for our students the results are simple and dire: the money from home simply dries up and there wasn't much to begin with.

There are also domestic students who want to study abroad, yet lack the funds for this lifealtering opportunity even though the realities of the global marketplace make a study abroad experience vital to the future success of today's college graduates.

Scholarships are crucial if we are to increase our international student population and expand the reach of our study abroad programs. Even though TTU takes pride in its affordability, out -of-state tuition is still a steep price to pay for students from many areas of the world.



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Sr. Director for IEEM receives Distinguished Staff Award

Elizabeth McDaniel receives the President's Award of Excellence, presented for strong leadership skills throughout the year, serving as a role model for his or her colleagues, and promoting goals of Texas Tech through actions and job performance. The Distinguished Staff Awards are intended to recognize and support the achievements of Texas Tech University and TTU System employees. More >>

ISSS Director Richard Porter to Chair NAFSA Exchange Visitor Program Subcommittee

Richard Porter, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, has recently accepted the nomination for the Chair position over the NAFSA Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) Subcommittee. The position involves yearly visits to Washington DC at NAFSA's expense to meet with EVP leadership. The Exchange Visitor Program focuses on "J" exchange visitor issues and prioritizes issues for liaison with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). More >>

ICC Event Coordinator receives Top Techsan Award

Christi Felton was honored at the Texas Tech Alumni Association's 2014 Top Techsan Luncheon in October. Winners are nominated by fellow Texas Tech faculty, students, or staff, and selections are based on work ethic and proficiency, team spirit, and attitude within the Texas Tech family. Letters of support, examples of the employee exceeding expectations, and reports of outstanding customer service or creating an environment of improved efficiency and productivity are part of the committee's evaluation of a candidate's overall nomination packet. More >>

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Ambassador Tibor P. Nagy
Vice Provost for International Affairs
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Associate Vice Provost for International Programs
Dr. Gad Perry
Senior Director, International Research and Development
Dr. Steve Maxner
Director, Vietnam Center

Ms. Elizabeth McDaniel
Senior Director, International Education and Enrollment Management
Mr. Richard Porter
Director, International Student and Scholar Services
Ms. Jane Bell
Senior Director, International Operations and Outreach
Ms. Kelley Coleman
Director, K-12 International Education and Outreach

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