Texas Tech University

International Student ID Card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally accepted student ID card, providing access to a global network of affordable and specialized student services. The ISIC is your passport to more than 32,000 discounts and benefits in 106 countries worldwide.

To apply for an ISIC card, go to www.myisic.com

The Benefits of Being an ISIC Holder

You can travel further, stay longer and experience more with an ISIC - take advantage of the following benefits worth $500 million worldwide:

  • Internationally recognized proof of student status.
  • Travel and Baggage delay insurance.
  • 1,200 discounts on flights, buses, trains and ferries 2,800 discounts on entrance to the world's leading museums and cultural sites.
  • 2,700 discounts on entertainment and attractions.
  • 2,400 discounts on youth hostels and hotels.
  • 21,000 discounts worldwide on bars, restaurants and shopping.
  • Access to a free 24-hour, multilingual ISIC Emergency Help Line.
  • ISIConnect: an all-in-one discount communications package including phone, SMS, email and voicemail.
  • Access to a global network of 5000 travel organizations that specialize in the needs of student and youth travelers in 106 countries.
  • Access to a personalized trip planner and travel guide - save all the useful travel advice and destination information you find on this website on your personal web page to check out while you're traveling or to email a friend.