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Study Abroad Fair 2020 - Information For Faculty & Campus Partners

One Day, Two Events!

The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused us all to rethink many facets of our lives, and for the Study Abroad Office this includes the annual Study Abroad Fair. In response to COVID-related health and safety concerns, this year the Study Abroad Office will offer both a virtual and in-person Fair. Both events will happen on September 15. As valued partners, you are invited to participate in one or both events.

In-Person Study Abroad Fair

Date: September 15

Time: 10am-2pm

Location: Urbanovsky Park

Description: The in-person Study Abroad Fair will be similar to what we've done in the past, except it will be held outdoors in Urbanovsky Park. Health and safety precautions will be taken such as social distancing, face coverings, hand sanitization stations, and more.

Virtual Study Abroad Fair

Virtually Everyone Will Be There!

Date: September 15

Time: Content will go live at 9am

Description: The virtual Fair platform used will be Prezi. The virtual Fair allows us to upload and organize content in advance and then make it available to the campus community on September 15. Both synchronous and asynchronous information can be featured. The virtual Fair may offer more creativity and flexibility than the traditional in-person Fair.

Please complete the registration form to indicate your event participation preference. The deadline to register is September 1.

Register for Fall 2020 Study Abroad Fair

The Details

Wondering how this is all going to work? Please review the enclosed video which outlines procedures for both the in-person and virtual Fairs. If you have any questions, please contact TTU Study Abroad.

In-Person Study Abroad Fair Details

The in-person Study Abroad Fair will be held outdoors at Urbanovsky Park, 10am-2pm, September 15.

Tentative Schedule for Fair Day 

  • Setup: Begins as 9am
  • Fair: 10am-2pm
  • Tear-down: 2-2:30pm

Table placement at the Fair will be determined by the Study Abroad Office. Special requests to be near a particular partner or program will be considered but are not guaranteed.

Exhibitors will be provided with:

  • One eight-foot table, one chair, and one black table cloth. 
  • Tables will be placed under a large tent.
  • Personal protective equipment to include one pair of gloves.
  • 50 color copies of a printed flyer featuring your program.
  • One poster featuring a QR code. Students can scan the QR code to get information about your program if they do not want to take the flyer, or you run out of copies.

What we cannot provide this year:

  • Access to power. Due to the nature of the event being outdoors this year, we cannot provide access to a power source. If you intend to bring a laptop, for example, please ensure the laptop will have ample battery power for the entirety of the event.
  • Water or snacks. Texas Tech does not allow food or drink distribution at events due to COVID concerns. Please bring your own water, snacks, or lunch to the event.
  • Masks or face-coverings. We will have a very limited supply of masks or face-coverings. You will be required to wear a face-covering at all times during the Fair. Please bring your own.

Tips for the In-Person Study Abroad Fair

  • We ask that you wear a face-covering at all times during the event. If you intend to hand out information and flyers to student visitors, you must also wear gloves.
  • The more attractive your table, the greater likelihood of student visitors! Just remember - this is West Texas and it will be windy! 
  • Think about how you would like to safely collect student names and email addresses. You may choose to have an online form accessible via a QR code.
  • We request that your table be covered for the entirety of the event. If you have to leave to, say, go teach a class, please arrange for someone to sit at your table in your absence. The Study Abroad staff cannot cover the table for you.
  • We appreciate your flexibility with this event. We face several potential challenges including those related to the global pandemic but also, the weather. We will keep you updated as to any necessary changes as the event draws near. 

Deadlines and Next Steps

  • Submit registration form by September 1.
  • Faculty leaders should also submit a completed program approval form to participate in the Fair.
  • Program details should be sent by September 8 for development of your program flyer.

Virtual Study Abroad Fair Details

We will utilize Prezi for our virtual Fair platform. You will have quite a bit of flexibility regarding the content you may use to highlight your program. Here's your chance to get creative!

If you're not sure where to start, we are happy to provide suggestions:


Videos are a great way for students to visualize themselves on your program or in your program location. Also, watching a video of you describing your program may be a student's first introduction to you! We have included some examples of the types of videos which would be helpful for students in the virtual Fair.

Video Examples
Program Introduction Videos:

Special thanks to Rider University for providing these examples.

To produce your own program introduction video, we recommend you develop a few slides and record yourself presenting the slides. We have developed an example slide deck that you can use to get started. You can record your presentation in Zoom and send the recording to Adrianna Ward (adrianna.sotelo@ttu.edu) when complete.

Location Introduction Video Examples:

Videos should be short; we recommend only a few minutes in length. 

Handouts or Flyers

You may include any digital handouts or flyers in the virtual Fair. Handouts should be PDF. We will include the flyer produced for your program by the Study Abroad Office automatically in the virtual Fair.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are also just fine to include. Again, we just need a copy of the presentation as a PDF.

Form to Collect Student Information

You may wish to include an online form to collect names and email addresses of interested students. You can set up the form using Microsoft Forms or another form creator of your choice. To include a form of this nature in the virtual Fair, we just need the link to your form.

Synchronous Sessions

You may offer a live, synchronous session on September 15. This could be a formal presentation, a Q&A session, etc. If you wish to include a live session, we recommend you use Zoom. Please share the link and details of the live session (including time) and we will post this information in the virtual Fair. The live session may be scheduled at any time, and for any length of time, on September 15.

If you're not able to offer a synchronous session on September 15, but wish to do so in the future, you can use the virtual Fair to advertise future sessions.

Deadlines and Next Steps

  • Submit registration form by September 1.
  • Faculty leaders should also submit a completed program approval form to participate in the Fair.
  • Program details should be sent by September 8 for development of your program flyer.
  • Handouts, videos, and any content you would like included in the virtual Fair format should be sent by September 8 to Adrianna Ward, Faculty-Led Program Manager, adrianna.sotelo@ttu.edu.


For assistance, contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual Fair?

A virtual Fair is a digital format to disseminate information for a certain period of time.

We will use Prezi for our virtual Fair platform. Essentially, we will upload content to a large Prezi between now and September 14. On September 15, the Prezi will "go live" and become available to the TTU community. The Prezi will be organized to allow students to review study abroad programs best suited for their academic concentration, much like the in-person events historically held in the SUB.

The TTU virtual Fair Prezi is still in development but if you're interested in seeing the Prezi in action before September 15, contact Whitney Longnecker for a demonstration.

The virtual Fair allows a chance for more creativity in how you present your study abroad program. This is your chance to shine! You can include videos, PowerPoint slides, links to allow your students to virtually explore your study abroad location in advance, etc. The content included is completely up to you.

I'm going to participate in the in-person and the virtual Fair. How can I be in two places at once?

You are welcome to submit only asynchronous content to your virtual Fair booth in order to focus primarily on the in-person event.

What pre-cautions are you taking for the in-person event?

  • All participants, both exhibitors as well as student visitors, will be asked to wear a mask. If exhibitors or student visitors arrive without a mask, one will be provided to them.
  • Exhibitors will also receive one pair of gloves which they can wear at the event.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in several locations throughout the Fair.
  • Tables will be separated by 6 feet to allow for social distancing.
  • The Study Abroad staff will monitor student visitors to ensure social distancing protocols are followed.
  • No external exhibitors are allowed at the Fair this year. The tables will only feature TTU faculty, staff and campus departments.

What if there is bad weather?

If bad weather causes the cancellation of the in-person outdoor event, the Study Abroad Office will only offer the virtual Fair. The Study Abroad Office will endeavor to notify you with as much advance notice as possible if changes to the outdoor event are deemed necessary.

I cannot participate in either event this fall. What other opportunities are there for me to promote my program?

The in-person and virtual Fairs offered by the Study Abroad Office on September 15 are the only large-scale events that will be offered by Study Abroad this fall. We are considering the viability of spring 2021 events and will keep you updated.

The Study Abroad Office is happy to collaborate on information sessions or other events you may wish to organize this fall. The collaboration can be as little as promoting the event on our website and social media, to co-presenting the information with you. Please just let us know how we can help!

I cannot attend the in-person event on September 15 but would like to have my TA attend on my behalf. Is this ok?

Yes, this is ok. Exhibitors should plan, however, to be at their table for the entirety of the event. The Study Abroad staff cannot cover a table for you if, say, you need to leave to go teach a class.

Should I try to offer a synchronous session with the Virtual Fair on September 15?

This is up to you. You are welcome to offer a live presentation or Q&A session via Zoom during the virtual Fair on September 15. Students may appreciate the opportunity to engage with you during the virtual Fair and ask questions. 

If you're not available for synchronous sessions on September 15, you can also use the virtual Fair to advertise future information sessions. 

Please remember, this is the first time TTU has offered a virtual Study Abroad Fair. We are not certain how much student interaction will occur via this digital event.

I don't know how to get started with this virtual Fair thing. What should I do?

We are here to help! If you're not sure how to get started, just contact us! We can share examples and provide suggestions. But remember - this is your program so we need your input! We cannot create your video, PowerPoint, etc., for you. The students want to hear from you - their future study abroad program leader!

For assistance, contact: